The resulting dialog box can display the following sections and fields:. An Integer that specifies the index of the column being clicked, edited, or stretched in Grid-type controls. Specifies the action to use to trigger the event on the object. Object Library files may be shared and reused across other scripts. Select Livedos from the Script menu or click the toolbar button. Develop high-performance, robust applications in record time.

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For example, i created an IconButton extends spark. The code returning the value for the property can be included within the binding brackets in the case where minimal code is needed to derive the value, or via a function call that returns the value. If you know exactly what color you are using already, you flez set the background to that and it will matte it to that color. At work, I wanted to review some information on the Adobe Flex 4 LiveDocs help documentation and had a lot of trouble finding it online.

If the nn th capture is undefined, the replacement text is an empty string. Many thanks for your help. I know this site presents quality depending posts and extra material, is there any other site which flez such things in quality? AS3 function substr startIndex: Bidirectional data binding basically allows you to use a property as both a source and destination for flxe value.

I thought it might be useful to document my findings here for your livedoca. As far as studying for the test, I feel the Attest software is one of the best tools you can use to prepare, which is why I offered to help get the latest version released. The trick in skinning is remembering the ContentGroup…that is where I slipped up and had nothing displayed in my component.

I extended WindowedApplication and am using that. Returns String — A copy of this string with all lowercase characters converted to uppercase. In Flex 3 we need to explicitly save those properties in the submit button click handler for instance to ensure the inputs were saved.

If there is no matching substring, the method returns After taking the test and passing, woohoo!! Hi Fred, could you elaborate on the experience in case myself or anyone else could provide any assistance or for further reference for people?

The examples above are just simple code snippets to show you the options available beyond what might be in the Adobe docs. If the pattern parameter is a String or a non-global regular expression and no match is found, the method returns null. Click on a product name below to filter this reference to show only the content for the latest version of that product and related runtimes: This method converts all characters not simply a-z for which Unicode uppercase equivalents exist: AS3 function substring startIndex: Because string literals use less overhead than String objects and are generally easier to use, you should use string literals instead of the String class unless you have a good reason to use a String object rather than a string literal.

Weiterhin so, Danke schoen. I have worked with Flex and AIR for a couple of years now and still found myself discovering a lot of things I did not know previously in the process of studying. July 6th, at Returns String — A substring based on the specified parameters. April 24th, at August 10, at 9: This site uses cookies.

The character at endIndex is not included in the substring. The following example luvedocs the StringExample and StringHelper classes to show how various methods of the String class are used.

This reference combines the information about the ActionScript language elements and libraries for the following Adobe products and runtimes. September 22, at You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. It was a huge help to me in coming up to speed with it overall. There are far too many out there to just search through each day. Related Posts


HTTPService - AS3 Flex

Arajas When selected, the Ctrl-Shift key combination is used as the keyboard modifier for keyboard trigger events. The resulting dialog box can display the following sections and fields: OpenScript recorders also open a floating toolbar that can be used while recording without having to switch between the browser and OpenScript. The OpenScript Adobe Flex Functional Test Module provides the ability to record, playback and validate transactions inside Adobe Flex applications embedded in web pages. The record toolbar includes start and stop recording toolbar buttons. You can also leverage other commands from other enabled classes services or general Java commands in your scripts. Actually I followed livecocs link from livedocs, because I remembered seeing it there once before. For example, Ctrl- key.



JoJolkree Livvedocs selected, the scroll bar is put to the top of its scrolling range. Use Ctrl-space in the Java Code view to open an Intellisense window listing available procedures. The actions used for playback will either be those that are recorded or specified manually in the Java Code view. When selected, the scroll bar is put to the bottom of its scrolling range.


LoaderInfo - AS3

Use Ctrl-space in the Java Code view to open an Intellisense window listing available procedures. You can use the Capture or Select menu options to capture or select an object path. The available options and settings depend upon the type of Flex object and the specific action to perform on the object. Select which databank file to lfex, if necessary. Expand the Run node of the script to view the page objects, actions, and navigation nodes in the script tree. Set the starting record for the selected databank in the Databank Settings section.


Navigate the web site to record page objects, actions, and navigations. Load the web page where you want to start recording into the browser. Fex String that specifies the action for drag and drop operations on controls. When selected, the scroll bar is moved one page up in the scrolling range. The objectId Path are hierarchical sets of object properties used to identify a specific UI component in the flex application. Specifies the mouse coordinate X position within the control for ColumnStretch and MouseMove actions on controls. Sign fleex using Email and Password.

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