What can you see? Where are the birds from? Where do the birds live? What do the birds eat? What is home for the birds?

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What can you see? Where are the birds from? Where do the birds live? What do the birds eat? What is home for the birds? Is this a happy story? Tell students to write down their predictions so that they can go back to them when they finish reading the book. While reading p. He has lived in a cage for two years and misses his family. He is unhappy. He remembers the day when he was caught in the jungle. One day Mr Baxter opens the cage to feed him and Felix escapes and flies out of the window.

He meets a bird on the head of the Statue of Liberty and tells him hes going home. He starts to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. Hes hungry, but hes happy. Felix sees a ship and eats some fish. When he gets to Machu Picchu, a big bird tells him about Aca, a bird in Rio, who knows the jungle well and can help Felix.

Felix flies to Rio and meets Aca. In Rio, a man tries to catch him but Aca helps him escape. The two birds see a lot of men building a road near where Felixs family live and at first Felix cant find his home. In the end he sees his family and he is home and happy. Background and themes Freedom: Felix is a wild bird but was captured and taken to live in a foreign country with humans.

He likes the humans but wants to be free and to live with his family again. Domestic pets: Some animals such as dogs and cats are very happy to live with people. However, for other animals, such as birds, their life might not be so pleasant as they are kept in cages and cannot fly. Destruction of natural habitats: Although Felixs story ends happily, the men building and constructing in the jungle are destroying the animals and peoples habitats.

Student A is the small, grey and white bird and Student B is Felix. See Discussion activity key for suggestions. After reading 3 Describe and draw: Students work in pairs.

Student A chooses one of the pictures from pages 17 and describes the scene to Student B. Student B tries to draw the picture from Student As description. Then they reverse roles. How accurate are the pictures? Pages While reading p. Students then give an oral and illustrated presentation of what they have found out. After reading 5 Pair work: Write the following words on the board: photograph, a stone, friend, father, road. In pairs, students make sentences including these words to reflect how they were important in pages 8 15 without looking at the book.


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