Players Street Performance In this mode, the player performs a song while hitting the corresponding musical notes to collect coins. The coins are now stored in a DK emblem chest, a counter showing the number of coins, and a weight scale. Banana Fairys sometimes appear in the mode, and momentarily grant the ability for each note to have a value of three coins. Coins are used to purchase extra features in the Shopping Mall or to play mini-games in the Music Lab. Concert is also playable in single player, where the player as Donkey Kong rather performs with a computer player as Dixie Kong.

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As a practicing writer, I know that it is no small accomplishment to create, organize, and edit such a large amount of content. I hope that the recommended edits I listed will be useful to you. Do what you need to increase its quality, and its value. If the intended audience is beginners, I fear they will not follow at all. To offer an example, many of the tip sections read like "You will encounter two possibilities.

The first is this, in which case you do this. The second is this, in which case you do this. In my opinion, a picture with a short description will say so much more than walls of text can.

For example, the discussion on Star Pattern versus Weave pattern could be almost completely eliminated with just two images. Writing out the precise steps is less important than simply showing the difference between the popular patterns using images.

Although I understand that this is difficult to do with multiple writers contributing to the finished manual, I must stress the importance of consistent lingo. Sometimes you say "smashing" or sometimes you say "hammering. On the topic of consistency, some of your sections are introduced with capitalization "Smashing With the Hammer" , others are not "Passing the first fireball". This is just the writer in me talking, but I also want to stress the importance of brevity. There are so many excess words that could be removed throughout the text.

Some examples: "try to at least get the left side of the broken ladder as quickly and as safely as you can" does not need "at least" at all. On that note, the tone of the manual bounces from using really sophisticated, almost mechanical words like "normative" to slang like "gonna" and "scoot. It is a nice write-up, that needs some editing. I just want to suggest some recommendations for making it great, instead of good.

BGI 751-1 PDF

Nintendo GameCube Donkey Konga

Updated: 20 May am Posted: 24 Sep am In the past, video games requiring any kind of physical exertion have either tanked or sold remarkably well. Just look at Alpine Racer and Top Skater. Both games siphoned mounds of quarters from the pockets of hapless gamers. But for some of the best examples, take a look at Japan. Its arcades brim with all manners of manual oddities. Just look at Taiko no Tatsujin Taiko Drum Master, where players bang away at large drums to popular tunes. Better still, look at Inu no Osanpo Walk the Dog, a dog walking "simulator" combining a treadmill and fake puppy.


Donkey Kong Country™: Tropical Freeze

Zolozil Japanese characters in this document are encoded in EUC format. Learn more — opens in new window or tab. Low clarinet note Clap: Intro Story Translation b. Please remember to inspect the pictures as these form part of the description.

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