Los gerentes manejan personas, por lo tanto, le presentamos gerentes reales, que manejan personas reales. Hablamos con estos gerentes reales y les pedimos que compartieran sus experiencias. Si desea recuperar el dinero que ha invertido en este curso y en este libro, necesita hacer todo eso. Bull, Immaculata University J a m e s F.

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This bestselling text vividly illustrates management theories by incorporating the perspectives of real-life managers. Customer Book Reviews Excellent textbook with one major flaw By Eric on Sep 05, I just finished reading the first fifteen chapters in a Principles of Management class.

This book is an easy read with tons of excellent, relevant and useful information. There is one major flaw to it, the "Glindex". This book has something called a glindex, which is a half assed glossary and index combined. It is completely useless. It made it extremely difficult to use as a reference for a term paper when trying to find information I remembered reading previously. You basically have to search page by page.

This is a great book. The only issue I had with the By Dirtworm on Nov 02, This is a great book. The only issue I had with the book is the small text but that is due to the publisher not Amazon.

The format of the book is easy to understand and I like the way the major word definitions are in the outside margin to make it easier to find. I prefer to have a printed version of books to study from over the e-book offered by my school.

Just my preference. If you are a management major you will definitely love this book. Their real life short stories are very captivating and helpful. It is a great study book. Was a good learning easy read, lots of current examples, up-to-date material tool. May have to purchase access code separately. It definitely is not the most interesting book to read, but it has clearly marked vocab and case studies, which are nice.

Really help with my class. So glad I bought it. Easy to read, and to navigate. Other wise it was good. Great information inside By Amazon Customer on Nov 25, Required reading for my management class. Great information inside. By Desmond Hopkins on Sep 21, The entire book was bent in the middle, otherwise it is great!

Good Intro. Bad Seller! However, as an intro. What kind of person you are; your behaviour and attitude, values and morals, how you act and communicate with people at work, and people throughout life. The book was just like it was described and it arrived before the date promised.

Thank you. By Eric Smith on Mar 01, Delivered on time and well read. My first time reading a school book from cover to cover. Very reader friendly. The material is organized in a format that is easy to read and understand. Five Stars By Amazon Customer on Mar 14, great book The book pages were fine, but the cover was defaced with wide black By Janette Jones on Dec 16, The book pages were fine ,but the cover was defaced with wide black tape Unable to remove across back and front covers, had this been evident or displayed at time of purchase I would not have purchase.

Recommend to fellow US students By Amazon Customer on Jan 24, Came with minimal cosmetic scratches and small bend in cover probably from shipping but otherwise perfect and I am satisfied with the book. I recommend this to all fellow US students looking for the 13th edition. The purpose of renting it is for a management course. The book is simple and easy to read with lots of information to gather. Graphics are colorful and easy to follow and the way the topics are divided helps to grasp the information and rationalize it.

Receipt in time for my class By Bernedette M. Castaneda on Sep 10, good copy. Receipt in time for my class. Cheap as can be compared to the bookstore! By Hunter Fidler on Feb 21, Cheap as can be compared to the bookstore!

Not sure what the global edition differences are, but its basically the exact same book. It is the required book so I have to have it, but honestly I think it is useless. Book worked fine By Brian J. Robbins , Mary Coulter , Mary A. This particular edition is in a Hardcover format. It was published by Pearson and has a total of pages in the book.

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Administracion Libro 1 Stephen Robbins yMary Coulter






Administración, 8a Edición - Stephen P. Robbins y Mary Coulter


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