Do not remove the Recovery disc unless instructed to do so during the recovery mmanual or else your partitions will be unusable. You will have one of two control panels. Optical Drive Optical Drive Inserting an optical disc 1. Please check with your supplier for exact offers. Only purchase expansion modules from authorized retailers of this Notebook PC to ensure maximum compatibility and reliability.

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Priced and configured to compete against other popular notebooks such as the Gateway FX series of notebooks, ASUS is taking aim at this new market segment.

Intel Core 2 Duo Processor P 2. The LEDs can be setup through software to blind in various patterns or even give an indication of system activity. The exterior shell has a glossy black finish with blue graphic overlays, while the brighter silver finish.

Build quality is above average, with generous use of thick plastic. The body and screen lid feel tough and resist flexing when carrying the notebook around.

For gamers interested in upgrading components inside the notebook, they will be glad to know that all serviceable part are easily accessed through a single panel on the bottom. This exposes the processor, video card, RAM, wireless card, and hard drive.

Display The Playing Left 4 Dead in dark scenes left me cranking the brightness inside the menu to see anything going on. The viewing angle sweet spot was so narrow that even at the perfect screen tilt, either the top was starting to wash out or the bottom started to invert. With the screen being the most important part of any gaming rig, so you can work with teammates or kill opponents before they kill you, this is a big downside.

Contrast and black levels were also lacking, with black showing up as a washed out grey. Colors were decent when you were in the viewing angle sweet spot, but quickly inverted if you tilted the screen forward or back. Horizontal viewing angles were better, staying true to steeper angles. Mini Display The ASUS G50Vt also offers a mini display to show memory or processor usage, as well as showing email or instant messages as they come in.

This helps you keep on top of things at work, even if you are in an empty conference room gaming away. The display color is a blue-green with a fixed brightness. It was easy to read, but it could have been slightly larger. With the extended width of the display, many manufacturers are taking use of the added space to cramp very large keyboards.

Key spacing was excellent and it took very little time to adapt to the layout coming from my ThinkPad. The typing surface is a glossy textured surface, giving the keys a nice smooth feel with just a bit of traction to keep your fingertips in the right spot. Individual key action is smooth with a soft click when fully pressed. The Synaptics-based touchpad is fairly large, and centered under the letter portion of the keyboard. It has a matte finish which is easy to slide around on and worked well for mild gaming on the notebook usually I fight by external mouse.

The sensitivity was great, making precise moves in games easy. Each button has a shallow throw and gives an audible click when pressed. Little lag was seen outside of game loading with the RPM hard drive, which also helped with fast boot and shutdown times. Synthetic benchmark scores were very good, although not as high as the Gateway PFX.

This was the case even when overclocking the G50Vt, which only marginally improved scores and performance.


ROG Drivers

This Notebook PC has a single built-in memory card reader that can use many flash memory cards as shown in the example ass. Tips and maual for special situations. Refer to G05v Console 2. Automatic Touchpad Disabling synaptics Touchpad And Buttons Knowing the Parts Instant Keys touch sensitive Instant keys allow you to launch frequently used applications with one touch of a button. ASUS Total Video Communication With three cutting-edge technologies — LifeFrame, SmartLogon and Virtual Camera, ASUS offers you a complete solution to communicate wirelessly, making it easier for you to log on to your system, capture and edit images, and video conference with multiple parties in separate locations at the same time. Using the Notebook PC Connections The built-in modem and network cannot be installed later as an upgrade. Appendix Introduces you to optional accessories and gives additional information.


ASUS G50V Review

Its Design The brightly colored orange and black G50V screams gaming laptop, but its The keyboard is large, and a small number pad is on the right side. The touchpad and buttons both offered great feedback, and we like that these keys have a brushed metal finish, which felt sturdy under our fingertips.

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