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Unfortunately the series suffered from the exact same problem as Titan: A horrendously bad beginning. Set in the dying days of the 41st millennium because that seems to be where ever story is set the comic follows the disgraced Blood Angel Captain Leonatos. The chief problem from the very start is the characters themselves. While the first issue devoted itself to setting the backstory and objectives of the heroes it left no time for its characters, many of who were introduced at the final page.

A good number who die within the first volume are given few to no lines and even those beyond it are only given baseline characterisation. This was something definitely not helped by the art style which fairly bland and textureless, not reflecting the grittier looks of the universe and only shining at a few points. Usually when a big splash page was required or huge panel with a large amount of objects for artist Colin MacNeil to play with.

Even the fights were often brief, unsatisfying events which either ended as soon as they began or went unresolved. For the first time there were suggestions of catching up with the Blade, a consistent foe was introduced and significant improvements were made with both the art and the combat. Better yet it introduced a single location for the final novels, warped enough to offer variety but lacking the sparse, underdeveloped nature of previous instalments: The Eye of Terror.

While certain aspects of the canon might have altered for better or worse, the location of the second novel is still one of the best visual examples of a Chaos corrupted location on paper. Warped and mutated beyond recognition, ravaged by constant war, shifting with the altering influences of each god as their champions vied for power, it emphasised upon what the Eye of Terror was. A place just stable enough to sustain moral life but hostile beyond all reckoning.

Said character deaths frequently held far more focus, with time devoted to seeing how they impacted the characters and furthering the plot rather than suddenly included as a number of previous ones had been. The continual story further helped to emphasise upon the climax to events where the remaining exiles finally encounter the blade and its new owner. Ending the arc with far more of a bang than many Warhammer comics were offered with the added twist of the tale continuing for one final instalment.

Having seemingly sacrificed himself to allow the surviving two other Blood Angels to escape with the sword, have fun guessing which two, the final volume turns its attention to searching for Leonatos. The art shifted styles again, this time to better reflect the corrupt nature of environments and the greater risk of the characters falling to Chaos. Often distorting to having strangely airbrushed effects at the points where reality warps or the protagonists are dangerously approaching becoming as bad as the Chaos followers themselves.

While definitely set on a more personal level than the second volume, without quite so many acts such as slaying Banelords, the finale none the less is a satisfying finale. Containing the sort of grim, bittersweet victory which best exemplifies the Warhammer universe. Being a conclusion it is hard to discuss without spoilers but just as the second book escalated from the first one, the third book kept what worked from the second book and enhanced it. Ultimately the story is very flawed and very much a roller-coaster ride of quality.

Is it worth looking up and buying? If you can find it for a reasonable price and are willing to accept its early failings to get to the vastly superior better arcs then definitely. Great and moody artwork, filled with little details that rewards repeated viewing complement a story not afraid to be subtle and ambiguous in a way a lot of game-based fiction avoids.


Bloodquest : the eye of terror trilogy



Bloodquest: The Eye Of Terror Trilogy


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