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BS clearance is a code of practice set by the BSI which provides an employment screening standard for companies looking to meet the high standards required to work within their industry. The team listened to our requirements and we were given great advice on the best products to suit our needs. Above all, the updates and consistency of communication really stood out and were greatly appreciated by our team. Thank you, we thoroughly recommend and will be using the service again.

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Local government Why should you use this standard? While the vast majority of employees and contractors are honest and act with integrity, organizations are nevertheless sometimes vulnerable to insiders with access, who operate in positions of trust.

Some attacks can only be committed by insiders, such as the unauthorized release of proprietary information, or the sabotage of assets that only employees can access. In addition, there are some tactics that insiders are likely to use in the course of preparing or conducting attacks including deliberate attempts to acquire information or access by manipulating staff.

These risks can be mitigated, however, by a robust screening process for employees in some roles. Originally intended for use by the security industry, the standard can be applied by any industry which employs people who are expected to work within secure environments, from employees with access to IT infrastructure and laboratories working with sensitive substances or technology, through to cleaners employed in secure environments such as government buildings.

The objective of screening is to obtain sufficient information to enable organizations to make an informed decision on employing an individual in a secure environment. Some insurers also require BS as a part of the policy conditions and have additional requirements for screening, e. In addition: Having a single standard across the UK is useful as it means the public and employers can have peace of mind that security staff are as trustworthy as they can be.

Reducing the risk in this way is vital for employers as providing unstable staff to an event or dishonest people for a retail environment could cause serious reputational damage to the company. The standard also rolls in other pieces of UK legislation such as the right to work which is a requirement of all UK employers. This means that one check can be carried out for basic employment and security duties.

NOTE: This British Standard applies equally to all individuals in relevant employment, including full-time and part-time employees, sole traders, partnerships, temporary and permanent employees, and to all levels of seniority, including directors. This allows organizations to customize them more easily.

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