Training with Dr. Even though the techniques and ideas behind this workshop involve concentration and focus, the teaching is done in a relaxed and casual way using some of my best friends and patients as models. You will be treated with respect and honor and courtesy while learning from me. How to become the least painful Botox injector in your town.

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These are only ideas to consider with your physician. Follow the guidelines of your physician and of your local public authorities. The following is for information only… Transcript Below… The following photo from the March 26, issue of the New England Journal of Medicine not yet online shows how interleukin-7 helps fight viruses.

In the beginning, first a little bit of the numbers and actual risk. And, the mortality rate is much less than what was originally quoted. That is, what can you do specifically to help your immune system to such a way that you are more likely to survive?

So at any age we know there is research showing there are ways to actually enhance the immune system, at any age. And, a lot of it is stuff that your grandmother taught you. How to keep from actually contracting it. One is, can you walk outside? Yes, you can walk outside. So there are too close together. Meaning, they can cough and someone can be within the six foot radius.

In other words, if you go through the grocery store and one question gets asked, can you go grocery shopping? In other words, if someone coughed here 30 minutes ago, is there a cloud of coronavirus still lingering in the air?

I saw where another expert agreed. So you have to go shopping. I just got back from the bank. So things that make that happen are dangerous. So yes, you can go to the grocery store. Yes, if you run out of toilet paper today, you can go back tomorrow and buy it. Just wash your hands when you get home. Now, so can you walk outside? Yes, you can go to the beach, you should be able to walk around. Now, what things could you do? Those are some common questions that are coming up, about what can I do and still be safe?

If you go to the grocery store, you can sure go to the doctor. Get your O-Shot for your sexual dysfunction or your new incontinence. But, you do it in a place that understands infection disease control. Now, other… What can you do to help keep from being sick? What can you do to be one of the people who stays well, should you catch it?

Well, things to boost the immune system. Some of them are old fashioned things that your grandmother taught you, like you should be getting enough rest. We know that being happy helps the immune system, we know that. Laugh with your kids, play games, make love to your spouse.

Sex has been shown to help the immune system. Massage helps the immune system. Watch happy movies, watch feel good dramas, watch things that make you feel happy. Watch your movies, but watch things that make you feel happy, love on your lover, hug your babies and have fun. And, that actually helps your immune system. Keep your nutrition good, it actually helps. I think vitamin C does help. It probably helps to even have the high dose IV vitamin C that some people do, if your doctor offers that.

But, at least I think you should take… I think Linus Pauling is right, I think you should be taking 1, to 3, milligrams of vitamin C every day with your food. But, it increases the immune system to raise your core body temperature.

Most your white blood cells are adhered to the walls of your blood vessels, but when you get a fever they become free floating in the bloodstream and become more active. And, things like interferon, which has given to help treat hepatitis C, to help fight viruses.

If you got coronavirus, you would want your interferon to kick in and help you fight it off. It helps you find viruses. Well, guess what gets jacked up like crazy when you get a, raise your body temperature?

Interferon and you can do that with exercise, you can and I recommend you do exercise outside, get some fresh air, get some sunshine. It helps your immune system and raise your body temperature either through exercise or you can sit in a hot bath and sit there until you feel hot and that helps your immune system.

Take a cold shower. And, that helps the immune system, research shows it. So that could be a cold shower, it can be dumping of 10 pounds of ice in a bathtub and sitting there for five minutes, until you shiver and getting out.

And, doing that once or twice a week. Sitting in a cold bath or being exposed to cold. So cold, heat, exercise, sleep, happiness, sex, massage, touch, watch peaceful happy movies, not disturbing movies. Take your vitamin C, good nutrition, fresh fruits and vegetables, if you can get them. If not at least some vitamin C and a B complex. Another thing you can do, well actually what a lot of NBA players are doing this now, is you probably saw on the news where PRP is being considered as a possible… Not PRP but plasma is being considered as a possible treatment.

And, your own plasma, the platelets in your own plasma, are what will release a lot of growth factors and the white cells in your plasma help fight infection. So a lot of elite athletes have been nebulizing or breathing their own plasma, as a way to enhance athletic performance. And, they can use other things like amnion and exosomes, but the FDA is kind of frowning on that for now, until we do more studies.

Improve the nasal pharyngeal microbiome, as in, make you healthier. Will it prevent you from getting coronavirus? Will it cure coronavirus? My sister used to fuss with me because I wanted to play the whole game and she could never last.

It was six hours Monopoly game, so maybe you could finish a whole six hour Monopoly game. Stay happy. You have the right and those people that are gone would want you to love your family, make love, hug your babies and try to be as healthy as you can. Now specifically, how could your doctor offer you inhalation or aerosolized therapy with your own plasma or platelet rich plasma?

And, in this case, I think you even want some white cells in there to help with it and get all those cytokines and all those growth factors that are in plasma into your lungs to increase in into your nasal passages to improve the nasal pharyngeal microbiome. Well first of all, you probably need one of these. It comes in pieces. If you want to show this, it comes… The machine that you plug in and it comes separated into a hose, a nebulizer device and a breathing device.

So when you take it out of the box, you connect the tubing to the nebulizer device and then you connect the tubing to the machine. And, then you have this. And, then air will blow through and I can breathe my platelet rich plasma into my lungs and nasal passages and improve the nasal pharyngeal microbiome.

Improve the health of my lungs and nasal passages. And, maybe even my whole body by breathing my own plasma. Hopefully to help you resist something, namely that goes by the initials coronavirus. And, your doctor can show you how to use this using saline in the office or just sterile water. Say that three times real fast. Easy and quick. I need some glasses. So you can see this is vacuum packed. Fill this baby up. Can you see Kate? Okay, got that off. Now, if you notice the gel is still at the bottom.

Stick this in here, turn that baby on. You can see we have a balancing kit, it just has water in it. Now, this is going to spin very fast. The immune system and improve the nasolabial microbiome, so that hopefully I can stay healthy in the middle of people struggling to stay healthy.

Okay, so now watch what we do. You take this little blue cap off and the plasma goes in the circumferential space around the outside of it. So put all that right there and I can actually do a treatment today and treatment tomorrow, if I kept this in the refrigerator. And, I recommend, if you really want to be wide open with this, maybe do a treatment every week or two to help you keep up with your babies better.


Who is Charles Runels?

Heart Catheterization. The first heart cath was done in by a Dr. Forssmann— who tied the nurse down and cathed his own heart then walked up 3 flights of stairs to take the photos to get it done! Antibiotics for Gastric Ulcers. Barry Marshall won a Nobel prize for the discovery. He gave up gaining acceptance in Australia, then came to the US and only after the popular press started talking about it did physicians start reading his research.


Dr Orgasm will see you now: is the O-Shot what women need for better sex?

Introduction Transcript Charles Runels : Thank you guys for attending. I hope that I can really bring to you something that will change your life. Basically, I think that female orgasm and female sexuality has not been talked about enough. Well, just get a grip. Why are you panicking? You can see that by looking at things like look to see what happened when flibanserin was presented to the FDA.


Training with Dr. Runels

Pinterest Dr Charles Runels center and his team. She told me that doctors regularly flew in from all over the world to be trained in the procedure, and that initially they reacted to offers of free O-Shots just as I had — with a mix of embarrassment and surprise. But by the end, she said, everyone wanted one. She and Runels laughed, recalling how the last class had run until three in the morning, just to accommodate demand.

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Female Orgasm System. Introduction


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