Negore When buying on the internet it can be difficult to assess the quality or ethical policy of the supplier. Outputs include a monitor kx D-sub pin and stereo minijack. Monitor functions such as power status, lamp status, input mode, signal condition, lamp-use time- all via the network. Turn off more accessible mode.

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My, how times have changed. You can find the Christie LX online, through sites like Ebay, and they are at a fraction of the original price. These newer comparable models can be purchased for roughly that price. One thing to note of course, is that Christie always used the finest components when putting together any model, and this is where you might find some differences between new low priced projectors they cut costs by cutting out the expensive components and the older Christie models.

Equipped with a 5,lumen bulb — No. However, the Christie LX does come equipped with a high end lens, something low priced projectors do not have. This high end lens combined with the powerful lamp allow for the LX to be a great choice for large venues and outdoor events. That contrast ratio is a definitely below-average these days, but the video compatibilities are certainly still useful. Installation Flexibility: With horizontal and vertical lens shift and a long list of compatible lenses, users have options when it comes to installation.

One reason is that there are a range of features that the Christie is missing: HDMI, 3D and cloud-connectivity to name a few. Plus, the set-up lacks an audio system. If you can find a used Christie LX for a low used price, it might be worth it, especially if you are working in a large venue where a powerful lamp and high end lens is critical. Looking for a replacement lamp for the Christie LX?


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