The FAQs had suggestions about how to use the Mambot and should have been updated by now. ChronoForms 3. Site Cookbook by Bob Janes Ease of chhronoforms As it has quite some functionalities, you need to find your way. Clear, concise, straight with a code example, so I solved my problem in the first try.

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For information on working remotely, visit sas-it. Creating the data table Log into the Joomla! In Forms Manager, check the box to the left of the form that you would like to configure to save data see 1 below. Click the Create table button at the top see 2 below. See 2 below. Modify the form to save data to the new table In Forms Manager, click on the name of the form with the new table. Click the Setup button see 1 below.

Click the Data Save 11 link see 2 below. Change Enabled to "Yes" see 3 below. Select the newly created table name from the Table name dropdown menu see 4 below. Click Save and Close see 5 below. Viewing the data One the table contains some data from one or more form submissions, you can view it as follows: In Forms Manager, click the dropdown arrow in the Connected Tables column corresponding to the form with the new table see 1 below.

Select the new table from the dropdown menu see 2 below. At the Data listing page, click the check box for any data record you would like to view see 1 below. Click the View Record button to view the data in Joomla! Click Backup table to export the entire form to a CSV file see 3 below. Click Cancel when done viewing or backing up records see 5 below.


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How can I create a PDF including form results? Details Published: Monday, 23 December If you need a more permanent record of the form submission than an email or a database entry then creating a PDF can be useful. This is a complex and powerful action, while you can get started very quickly getting exactly what you need may take some time and experimentation. You can download it from the Chronoforms downloads page. To use the action drag a copy into the On Submit event of your form as the last action in the event.




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