Fr die so genannten ortsvernderlichen elektrischen Betriebsmittel ist eine berprfung der ortsvernderlichen Betriebsmittel. Die Angebotsunterlagen knnen bis zum 30 Sie sammeln alle elektrischen Ger. Wir prfen etwa. Dieser Vorschrift erfasst ortsvernderliche elektrische Gerte Die Prfung ortsvernderlicher und ortsfester Elektrogerte, Anlagen und.

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Morisar Also, deals with subsidies in case of dismissal. Defines the obligation of the benefit receiver respond to a call or appointment of the authority or a labour office. To this end the above-mentioned Decrees were amended. Decree of 6 August to amend the Decree on the traffic of goods on the road and the Decree on passenger traffic with regard to changes in the regulation of the entrance into the profession of road transport worker, and the mutual recognition of diplomas, certificates, and other titles.

It amends the Working Hours Decree with respect to the working hours of civil aviation personnel. This decree specifies the terms and arbeidstijdenbesliit under which all civil servants can obtain more flexible pension schemes and maintain their benefits following resignation. Decree of 8 December amending the General Civil Servants Regulation and some other decrees in connection with the bringing of civil servants under the Sickness Act and the Unemployment Act.

Provides police officers an allowance for legal aid in the event that an officer is held liable, by third persons, for acts done in the line of duty. Amends several Decrees in connection with the entry into force of national regulations for civil servants regarding retirement, arbeidstljdenbesluit payment systems, judgment systems and part time employment.

Regulates the option of the legal civil servant in education to request to work more or less hours than required. Decree of 5 Octobercontaining rules with regard to the education and expertise of caregivers in the field of individual health care. Decree of 19 November establishing legal status provisions regarding civil servants in charge of the transportation of members of the government and high ranked officials Besluit personenchauffeurs Rijksdienst.

Act of 12 June amending the Act Framework Regulation Early Retirement of National Civil Servants in connection with the introduction of flexible resignation for personnel in the national civil service and education.

This includes protection from dismissal in cases of medical problems. Determines the benefits in relation to periods when an artist is not able to perform activities due to sickness or training. Decree of 16 February amending the General Regulation on Civil Servants and some other decrees in connection with the formalisation of the Agreement on Working Conditions in the Governmental Sector Decree of 4 December amending the General Public Service Regulations Algemeen Rijksambtenarenreglement and some other Decrees in connection with the application of the Terms and Conditions of Employment for Civil Servants Arbeidsvoorwaardenovereenkomst sector Rijk National decree containing general measures of 3 January executing section 14, fourth subsection, of the Pension Act on Civil Servants P.

Decree of 17 December withdrawing the Interim Health Cost Regulations for civil servants of Provides for additional legal claims in the case of unemployment of personnel of the ministry of defence, in connection with the applicability of employee insurance to public servants. Describes parental leave programs and their applications procedures, as well as a bonus program for school administrators at the primary level. Act of 24 December to apply the legally compulsory employee insurances to civil servants as well as military personnel Wet overheidspersoneel onder de werknemersverzekeringen.

This is provided in connection with the new rule that all the different civil service sectors do not need to abide by the same wage determination methods any longer. It also regulates compensations. Reduction of Working Time Decree Finally defines the right of an employer to financial benefits in case of employment of the persons concerned, and gives conditions of termination of this payment.

This provided for the classification of civil servants under the Incapacity Insurance Act. Decree of 27 October amending the General Regulation on Civil Servants and some other decisions, in connection with the regulation of departmental consulting with central bodies of the assemblies of civil servants.

National Arbeidstijdeenbesluit containing general measures of 3 January executing section 85, third subsection, of the Pension Act for Civil Servants P. Amends and repeals provisions regarding mandatory retirement for government workers.

Decree of 14 December amending the Decree on the Broadening and Limitation of the Insured under the Employees Insurance and the Decree on the Broadening and Limitation of the Insured under the Public Insurances wijziging van de verzekeringspositie van niet in Nederland wonende sporters. This provision is in line with the general restructuring of public services and administration. Sets forth the minimum hours of work which a volunteer has to fulfil and prohibits certain activities which could impede the performance of a volunteer.

Decree of 17 November amending the Transport Working Hours Decree in connection with the addition of chapters concerning road transport, aviation, inland navigation, sea navigation, and pilots. National Decree containing general measures of 3 January executing section 6, subsection one, under b, of the Pension Act for Civil Servants P.



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