Spiritual ascension will only come to our planet if men and women are totally integrated and balanced, and during this next cycle, women will be the leaders. Drunvalo was chosen to share in critical ceremonies that were created to empower women because he is a man who dwells totally in his heart and truly respects women. As a female ceremonial teacher during these same years when Drunvalo was creating beautiful ceremonies within many of the same sacred sites with the people, I can say that Drunvalo speaks the truth. He offers as much closely held information as is allowed, so there is significant indigenous knowledge in this book. Drunvalo is a great storyteller! You are there with him while he follows synchronicities and communicates with the great guardians of the sacred sites.

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You can help by adding to it. Common elements involve Hindu meditation , [15] Christianity and other Abrahamic religions [16] and offshoots, particularly Kabbalah. A slowly rotating merkaba is considered negative. Merkaba energy is believed to be detectable with man-made technology, such as by military satellites, and is claimed to have been used in various secret government programs.

There is a great deal more to geometry than just drawing some pretty shapes and patterns. Things like the Flower of Life are absolutely aesthetically pleasing, but they are next to useless in terms of mathematics.

Nor will it appear in any modern geometry textbook, because— despite how pretty it looks— the Flower of Life is mathematically boring. There are far more useful constructions to be made with a straightedge and compass.

The site also points out multiple schisms that are said to have occurred between Melchizedek and other mystics, such as with Dan Winter and Ron Holt, the latter having taken over a Melchizedek-founded New Age school, the Seed Of Life Institute. Tenen, however, asserts that both Melchizedek and Winter were working together and both continuing to plagiarize Tenen. Animosity between Tenen and the two remain.

When Mr. Winter says he was "very careful not to show any alphabet letter forms," [referring to the plagiarized work] he is lying by leaving the misimpression that he did not show my sculpture s. Winter did show my copyright sculpture s.

Winter later admitted this overly clever self-serving misdirection in his second "confession". Like other New Age and other spiritual mystics in the early s, Melchizedek has been criticized for his adoption and promotion of the phenomenon.

Can you show me? I figured if you can really do this then why not in the canned goods section of Safeway since God is everywhere. Buffalo Calf Woman, follower of another spiritualist, David Running Eagle, attacks Melchizedek as "fraudulent," and disregards him as an adherent to the Order Of Melchizedek due to his commercialism and profit: [28] Drunvalo is not Melchizedek.

If he were, money would not play such a part of his life, even including his email down below asking for money to talk to the people. Really so unbecoming. Melchizedek are available for the people. He is only available if you give him money. He is money monger. Similarly, the Manataka American Indian Council asserts that Melchizedek, in his associations with Adam DeArmon and his Institute for Cultural Awareness, [28] commits cultural appropriation of Native American spirituality, with no authentic tie to such cultures, and exploits them for profit under the auspices of fundraising: [29] [An] associate of DeArmon Melchizedek says on his website that "Every penny you gave to the ICA, either for tickets or donations, went to the elders in the form of airline tickets, bussing, shelter, food etc, That leaves over a million dollars to feed and house the speakers.

Eye-witnesses say that invited elders were begging participants to buy them blankets because they were cold from staying in make-shift [sic] quarters and many complained to participants that they were hungry.


Drunvalo Melchizedek




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