Political Productions — who have a fleet of trucks at the ready around the U. Their clients have included six U. Political Productions is contracted by both major parties. When it comes to sound reinforcement equipment, Political Productions use PA systems that are in equal parts durable, reliable, high performance, and simple to set up and transport. Jon Bon Jovi performed an acoustic set at both rallies.

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Professionally placed lighting can change a drab boring venue into a classy and elegant affair. CobraFar Contact us for more info on renting audio equipment! Inquire here about renting a Dynacord Cobra 4.

The Cobra 4 produces SPLs at the front of house position roughly feet from the stage of dB in the medium-and high-frequency ranges and up to dB in the bass. In addition to Louisiana we also will travel to the following areas with this system: You have successfully started a rental cart, continue shopping. Go to your Rental Cart before exiting to receive an instant quote. In addition to Louisiana we also will travel to the following areas with this system:. They are therefore seldom cobr for small to medium-sized applications despite their advantages in terms of sound quality.

Dynacord Madras Sound System Rental. In all, eight COBRA PWH bass horns are used to generate the sound pressure levels and projection typically required by Top Forty bands and these can be stacked or arrayed as dictated by the architecture of the room. Miami Ft Lauderdale Request a quote: Our uplights take very little power, do not get hot and can be set to many different colors!

It can be stacked in multiple configurations depending on your event venue and the desired coverage area. Call for a quote Your email address will not be published.

Conventional line arrays are large, heavy, expensive and extremely costly to set up. Reviews There are no reviews yet. This system is designed to cover areas as far out as 80 meters ft.

The Dynacord Cobra 4 is a high power, high quality professional touring grade sound system. On account of their directivity, projection and low distortion, line arrays are considerably more suitable for providing high quality sound reinforcement to large listening areas — especially those extending widely in a horizontal plane — ccobra classical systems with their narrow horizontal focus.

They therefore provide line array performance in the type of situations where conventional, large format line arrays can offer no economically viable solution. Full-Service Event Production in Miami and Fort Lauderdale DJPeoples is a full-service event production company located in Miami that specializes in producing corporate meetings and activations, DJ events, band concerts, and music festivals. Our team provides staging, truss structures, dynwcord and sound that is seamlessly delivered, installed and run through the duration of your event.

The extremely wide horizontal directivity of the DYNACORD COBRA compact line array systems due to their generation of cylindrical sound waves means they can provide coverage to large audience areas without the comb-filter-like effects that impair the sound quality of conventional horizontal clusters.

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