About Us. Technical Trade Links is proud of having an exclusive display centre for Ebco products, making shopping for your home a wonderful experience. Ebco Display Centre provides comfort while shopping in its tranquil interiors and this will certainly enhance your choice of quality collection.. Get modular kitchen prices instantly online using our free online modular kitchen price calculator now. Get complimentary interior designing services on your modular kitchen. To conclude, a modular kitchen can cost from Rs.

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Wardrobe organization, the need of the hour The heaps of clothes that make their way into homes, are more often than not lost in the chaos that constitutes a wardrobe. Not any more. Pick clothes without disturbing the whole lot The most common issue with stacked clothes is that it is difficult to remove one without messing up others.

Select from our wonderful range of Wardrobe Pullout Hangers that can be pulled towards you as you select your outfit for the day.

Start placing orders for wardrobe accessories online. A perfect place for your precious accessories Misplacing jewellery pieces is common in overstuffed wardrobes. Our Wardrobe Drawer Organisers provide theperfect places for every piece of jewellery that you own. Earrings, necklaces, cuff-links and wrist watches, allocate a separate place for all. Keep them safe and organised in drawer organisers, to get them whenever you need them.

Order online for the ones that best suit your requirement. Apart from jewellery we also have a special organiser for make-up too. MakeUp Drawer Tray with its well-thought-out compartments makes place for all your cosmetics, so that you find them easily everytime you need to dress-up.

Order online, today. If you are pressed for space in your bedroom, and cannot have a separate dresser, our Wardrobe Pullout Mirror is just for you.

Pull it out from the wardrobe, get ready and push it back. Space optimization at its best. Order any of our wardrobe accessories online and have them delivered to your doorstep.


Waste Bins

Sustainable Waste Disposal at your service If only we had magic wands to clean the house without lifting a finger. Order online from our range of Waste Bins from Livsmart. Every room needs a different waste collector and disposer The waste generated in every room is different, so, obviously the waste bins need to be designed accordingly. From dry waste to wet garbage we have a range of bins that you can select from and have them delivered to you. Order online to buy Waste Bins. Kitchen waste bins With the emphasis on sustainable waste management and segregation of waste into dry and wet garbage, two different bins has become the norm in most households. Our Pullout Double Waste Bins make waste segregation easier.


Ebco - Furniture Fittings and Accessories

Wash and wipe dry, store in a dry area. Do not paint, engrave or use any chemicals on the product. Our Products comes with a 12 month warranty against any manufacturing defects. The warranty does not cover damages due to incorrect and inaccurate installation of the product. For any guidance or help required with installation, please email us at help ebco. The warranty does not cover any usage of the product beyond its intended use and wear and tear in the natural course of product usage.

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