EM 385-1-97 PDF

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Provide MEC recognition, location, and explosives safety functions. Conduct explosives safety briefings for all site personnel and visitors. Initiate MEC reporting procedures in accordance with the approved work plan. Anomal y avoidance procedures shall be addressed and incorporated into the site Work Plan. Plans will detail the management and operational approach that will be used to execute anomaly avoidance procedures.

MEC disposition will not be covered in the planning documents for the project, and, therefore, the UXO escort is not authorized or equipped to perform MEC disposition. In the event that MEC is encountered that cannot be avoided or, based on its fuzing or current condition, presents an imminent hazard requiring immediate attention, the UXO escort will notify the local POC designated in the Work Plan.

The UXO escort must conduct a surface access survey and a subsurface survey for anomalies before any type of activities commence, including foot and vehicular traffic. Depending on site dynamics and length of project, surveys may need to be conducted more than once.

Escorted personnel will follow behind the UXO escort. If anomalies, or MEC are detected, the UXO escort will halt escorted personnel in place, and select a course around the item. Typicall y, the access route will be at least twice as wide as the widest vehicle that will use the route. The UXO escort must also complete an access survey of an area around the proposed work site that is large enough to support all planned operations.

The size of the surveyed area will be site-specific and will take into account, for example, maneuverability of required equipment e. As a minimum, the surveyed area will have a dimension in all directions equal to twice the length of the longest vehicle or piece of equipment to be brought on-site. Geophysical instrumentation capable of detecting the smallest known or anticipated military munitions will be used to locate anomalies just below the surface that may be encountered through erosion from rain or continual vehicular traffic.

The UXO escort will clearl y mark the boundaries of the surveyed area using survey flagging and pin flags. The UXO escort will establish a system of flagging colors that will distinguish anomalies, surface MEC, and route boundaries from each other as well as from any utility markings that have been used at the site. No personnel will be allowed outside the surveyed areas.

Planning for dredging projects must also consider the possibility of encountering MEC during operations see paragraph III. Plans shall include equipment maintenance , material screening, and disposal procedures. The selected MM Design Center should be contacted to determine requirements on a case-by-case basis.

General considerations include:.


EM 385-1-97

Center for Construction Research and Training. Safe Use of Stepladders Fact Sheet. Qualified Rigger Fact Sheet. Evaluating and Managing Construction Blasting Risk. Fall Protection and Scaffolding Training.


EM 385-1-97 PDF






EM 385-1-97 Explovsives Safety and Health Requirements Manual


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