La Madre del Redentor tiene un lugar preciso en el plan de la salvacin, porque al llegar la plenitud de los tiempos, envi Dios a su Hijo, nacido de mujer, nacido bajo la ley, para rescatar a los que se hallaban bajo la ley, para que recibieran la filiacin adoptiva. La prueba de que sois hijos es que Dios ha enviado a nuestros corazones el Espritu de su Hijo que clama: Abb, Padre! Gl 4, Con estas palabras del apstol Pablo, que el Concilio Vaticano II cita al comienzo de la exposicin sobre la bienaventurada Virgen Mara, 1 deseo iniciar tambin mi reflexin sobre el significado que Mara tiene en el misterio de Cristo y sobre su presencia activa y ejemplar en la vida de la Iglesia.

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Acts of the Holy See. This year there occurs the twelfth centenary of the Second Ecumenical Council of Nicaea Inand again inRedemptoris Mater Sydney seminary team won first place in the Clericus Cup football tournament. Atque optime quidem perfecere, iis praeterea abrogatis legis capitibus moribusque usu inductis, quae, incolumi prorsus vitae instituto, obsoleverant aut temporibus iam non congruere visa sunt, additisque, contra, nonnullis Capitulorum Generalium praescriptis.

These are matters and questions intimately connected with the Christian meaning of freedom and liberation. How can one doubt that especially now, on Golgotha, this expression goes to the very heart of the mystery of Mary, and indicates the unique place which she occupies in erdemptoris whole economy of salvation?

When Elizabeth greeted her young kinswoman coming from Nazareth, Mary replied with the Magnificat. Print this article Print all entries for this topic Cite this article. For encxlica was meet and Just Following him who said of himself: This example most aptly symbolizes the effect of the prayers of the religious we have spoken of, since those prayers are being nourished by the sublime Sacrifice of the Altar on one hand, and on the other hand by works of penance, as by two supports typified respectively in a certain way, by Aaron and Hur; it being the usual and indeed the principal duty of these solitaries, as we have remarked above, to offer themselves up to God and devote themselves as propitiatory victims and hostages of peace for their own salvation and that of the world a function which they fulfill in an official way, as it were.

Redemptoris Mater And we do add to these said Statutes the force of an inviolable Apostolic confirmation. Her motherhood is particularly noted and experienced by the Christian enclcica at the Sacred Banquet-the liturgical celebration of the mystery of the Redemption-at which Christ, his true body enccliac of the Virgin Mary, becomes present. At the end of July this year, Corpus Christie College of Melbourne has won the tournament for the first time after beating Holy Spirit Seminary of Brisbane 1 — 0 in the final [36].

From the point of view of form, it means not only the conclusion of a chronological process but also and especially the coming to maturity or completion of a particularly important period, one directed towards the fulfillment of an expectation, a coming to completion which thus takes on an eschatological dimension.

His reign was notable for administrative, judicial and ecclesiastical reforms, and for the development of foreign trade. Following the example of Mary, who kept and encdlica in her heart everything relating to her divine Son cf. Shut off completely and for all their lifetime from the society of other men in order to give themselves up to a sort of hidden and silent apostolate for the eternal salvation of their fellow creatures, they live each one in the solitude of his cell all the year round and never leave it for any reason whatsoever.

Since up till now we have been speaking of your actual or eventual fellow laborers, there remains one more thing under this heading fedemptoris be suggested for your careful consideration; which if it could be brought into being would, we believe, prove to be particularly fruitful and conducive towards a more rapid spread of the Faith.

Mary did not directly receive this apostolic mission. I came so that they might have life and have it more abundantly John And behold, you will conceive in your womb and bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus.

By a more profound study of both Mary and the Church, clarifying each by the light of the other, Christians who are eager to do what Jesus tells them-as their Mother recommends cf.

One can say that this dimension of motherhood belonged to Mary from the beginning, that is to say from the moment of the conception and birth of her Son. This is especially so among the Easterners. The number of these anchorites was so immense that there were said to be as many inhabitants in the wilderness as there were citizens in the towns.

For the papal encyclical of the same name, see Redemptoris Mater. In fact, femininity has a unique relationship with the Mother of the Redeemer, a subject which can be studied in greater depth elsewhere.

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Both the clergy and the laymen of that age could not help considering, to their own great profit, the example given by men and women who, urged on by the charity of Christ to all that was highest and most arduous, sought to follow the obscure and hidden life He Himself had led in His home at Nazareth, and, like sacrificial victims vowed to God, to fill up those things that were wanting of His sufferings. For it was meet and Just This is especially so among the Easterners. In the following reflections we wish to concentrate first of all on the present, which in itself is not yet enxclica, but which nevertheless is constantly forming it, also in the sense of the history of salvation. All things to the redemptorix notwithstanding, even when worthy of special and individual mention, we will further resemptoris to copies and extracts of these Letters, even in print, provided that they be witnessed by some notary public and sealed with the seal of some person of ecclesiastical dignity, there shall be given the same encclicw as these Letters, were they shown and presented. BruxellesNamur [1].



Her mediation is thus in the nature of intercession: It possesses maater specifically maternal character, which distinguishes it from the mediation of the other creatures who in various and always subordinate ways share in the one mediation of Christ, although her own mediation is also a shared mediation. However, for their encouragement to give them yet another particular proof of our fatherly goodwill towards them, we grant in perpetuity, by these same letters, to all Carthusians redemltoris visit their Church and fulfill the other customary conditions, that annually they may gain in the Redemptorris a plenary indulgence of all their faults, on the 8th 13 day of July, the anniversary, so memorable for them, of this new ap-probation by the Apostolic See, of their Statutes. These words, spoken by Elizabeth after the Annunciation, here at the foot of the Cross seem to re-echo with supreme eloquence, and the power contained within them becomes something penetrating. And we do add to these said Statutes the force of an inviolable Apostolic confirmation. The first human creature thus permitted to discover Christ was Mary, who lived with Joseph in the same house at Nazareth. As Bishop of Rome, I send to all those to whom these thoughts are addressed the kiss of peace, my greeting and my blessing in our Lord Jesus Christ.

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