In some multi-apartment buildings supplied by district heating or common central heating, the use of accurate individual heat meters would be technically complicated and costly due to the fact that the hot water used for heating enters and leaves the apartments at several points. Type of the unit Default power to heat ratio, C Combined cycle gas enwrgieeffizienzrichtlinie with heat recovery 0,95 Steam back pressure turbine 0,45 Steam condensing extraction turbine 0,45 Gas turbine with heat recovery 0,55 Internal engine 0,75 If Member States introduce default values for power-to-heat ratios for units of types fghij and k referred to in Part II, such default values shall be published and shall be notified to the Commission. Minimum items to be included in energy performance contracts with the public sector or in the associated tender specifications. OJ L This strategy shall encompass: Member States shall ensure that when the impact of policy measures enefgieeffizienzrichtlinie individual actions overlaps, no double counting of energy savings is made. The Federal Republic of Germany has implemented Article 8, para. Would you like to keep them?

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Mugal Richtlinie eu energieeffizienzrichtlinie wikipedia. Central governments that purchase products, services or buildings, insofar as this is consistent with cost-effectiveness, economical feasibility, wider sustainability, technical suitability, as well as sufficient competition, shall:. Where appropriate, Member States may require transmission system operators and distribution system operators to encourage high-efficiency cogeneration to be sited close to areas of demand by reducing the connection and use-of-system charges.

Any refusal to recognise a guarantee of origin as such proof, in particular for reasons relating to the prevention of fraud, must be based enrgieeffizienzrichtlinie objective, transparent and non-discriminatory criteria. Member States may determine the power-to-heat ratio as the ratio of electricity to useful heat when operating in cogeneration mode at a lower capacity using operational data of the specific unit. In the event of refusal to recognise a guarantee of origin, the Commission may adopt a decision to compel energieeffjzienzrichtlinie refusing party to recognise it, in particular with regard to objective, transparent and non-discriminatory criteria on which such recognition is based.

Public bodies at national, regional and local level should fulfil an exemplary role as regards energy efficiency. Member States shall promote the energy services market and access for SMEs to this market by:.

Subject to technical constraints inherent in managing networks, Member States shall ensure that transmission system operators and distribution system operators, in meeting requirements for balancing and ancillary services, treat demand response providers, including aggregators, in a non-discriminatory manner, on the basis of their technical capabilities.

The Commission shall encourage European social partners in their discussions on energieeffizienzrichtlijie efficiency. The obligation to renovate central government buildings in this Directive complements that Directive, which requires Member States to ensure that when existing buildings undergo major renovation their energy performance is upgraded so that they meet energieeffizienrzichtlinie energy performance requirements.

Shifting to a more energy-efficient economy should also accelerate the spread energieeffiziennzrichtlinie innovative technological solutions and improve the competitiveness of industry in the Union, boosting economic growth and creating high quality jobs in several sectors related to energy efficiency.

The Communication confirmed that the Union is not on track to achieve its energy efficiency target. Complementary information on historical consumption shall include: This may be done by counting the savings each individual action will achieve between its implementation date and 31 December New electricity generation installations and existing installations which are substantially refurbished or whose permit or licence is updated should, subject to a cost-benefit analysis showing a cost-benefit surplus, be equipped with high-efficiency cogeneration units energiweffizienzrichtlinie recover waste heat stemming from the production of electricity.

Member Energieeffiziwnzrichtlinie shall ensure, by 30 Junethat: A sufficient number of reliable professionals competent in the field of energy efficiency should be available to ensure the effective and timely implementation of this Directive, for instance as regards compliance with the requirements on energy audits and implementation of energy efficiency obligation schemes. Such plans can yield considerable energy savings, especially if they are implemented by energy management systems that allow the public bodies concerned to better manage their energy consumption.

The data shall correspond to the intervals for which energieeffuzienzrichtlinie billing information has been produced; and b detailed data according to the time of use for any day, week, month and year. The Commission shall encourage the sharing of national best practices in this regard. Anbindung und Einsatz von Erzeugungsquellen auf niedrigeren Spannungsebenen. Without prejudice to paragraph 11, the criteria for the policy measures taken pursuant to the second subparagraph of paragraph 9 and Article 20 6 shall be as follows:.

Artikel 30 Adressaten Diese Richtlinie ist an die Mitgliedstaaten gerichtet. The costs and benefits taken into account shall include at least energieeffizienzricntlinie following: Tarifierung in kritischen Spitzenzeiten. ANNEX V Common methods and principles for calculating the impact of energy efficiency obligations schemes or other policy measures under Article 7 12 and 9 and Article 20 6 1.

Member States shall provide assumptions, for the purpose of the cost-benefit analyses, on the prices of major input and output factors and the discount rate. Measures and energy savings The National Energy Efficiency Action Plans shall provide information on measures adopted or planned to be adopted in view of implementing the main elements of this Directive and on their related savings.

Network or retail tariffs may support dynamic energieeffizienzrichtlinke for demand response measures by final customers, such as: That template shall be adopted in accordance with the advisory procedure referred to in Article 26 2.

The rate of building renovation needs to be increased, as the existing building stock represents the single biggest potential sector for energy savings.

By 31 DecemberMember States shall carry out and notify to the Commission a comprehensive assessment of the potential for the application of high-efficiency cogeneration and efficient district heating and cooling, containing the information set out in Annex VIII. When undertaking modelling exercises, the Commission should consult Member States on model assumptions and draft model results in a timely and transparent manner.

Gas turbine with heat recovery. Artikel 18 Absatz 2 Buchstaben b und c. When Member States adopt those provisions, they shall contain a reference to this Directive or be accompanied by such a reference on the occasion of their official publication. Independently of whether smart meters have been installed or not, Member States:.

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Minimum criteria for energy audits including those carried out as part of energy management systems. The overall process to become connected to the grid should be no longer than 24 months, bearing in mind what is reasonably practicable and non-discriminatory; c provide standardised and simplified procedures for the connection of distributed high-efficiency cogeneration producers to facilitate their connection to the grid. Billing based on actual consumption In order to enable final customers to regulate their own energy consumption, billing should take place on the basis of actual consumption at least once a year, and billing information should energiseffizienzrichtlinie made available at least quarterly, on request or where the consumers have opted to receive electronic billing or else twice yearly. Member States shall set guiding principles for the methodology, assumptions and time horizon for the economic analysis.




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