As her whole world crashes down around her, who can Riley trust with her heart—and her life? Forsaken is the first novel in the Demon Trappers series and follows Riley Blackthorne, daughter of famous demon trapper Paul Blackthorne. Riley is working a standard job on a Grade One demon in the school library when something goes terribly wrong. A Grade Five demon pops up and overpowers Riley in a matter of seconds. This little event causes Riley to get a slap on the wrist — again — from the local demon trappers guild. Riley is an intriguing character.

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Badass 3. I will read the next one in the series. I did enjoy it. No sparkly Vamps! I liked the Demon world buiding, descriptions and hierarchyCons: Not really cons about the book itself, just little 3. I liked the Demon world buiding, descriptions and hierarchyCons: Not really cons about the book itself, just little things that irked me as a reader. Holy water is It broke my concentration when reading. It was distracting. It made him seem stupid.

Maybe that was the point? You out number him, impeach! He abuses his apprentices, is a raging alcoholic, and is a major fucking asshole. Why do they let that stand? And if they know he is an abusing, womanizing asshat, why do they allow Riley to be his apprentice?

Um no? Hell no. Um, no thanks! I felt like I was reading Karen Marie Moning. You hear me Ms Oliver? I respect that in a character and look forward to seeing some real growth in up coming books. I really liked all of the characters in this one, but I think my favorite is Beck. He brings a lot of life into this world. The plot is very rich with imagination and creativity. I loved the methods that the trappers used and just basically the entire operation of it all.

This would make a kick-ass anime! Just saying. Overall, I just really loved this one! Fun, entertaining and captivating.

January 1, Alexa My review can also be found on my blog Collections. I heard some unappealing things about the characters, especially Riley. I also heard that the romance included a love-triangle. Actually, it was scarier than that because the reviews made it sound like a love-square.

She had a huge crush on Beck a few years back, and it seems he went about rejecting her by being a complete ass jerk. I really enjoyed his character. It moved a bit too fast, and I felt Simon was lacking that extra special something that would have made him stand out. And if I kept going, this review would never end. Just save me from myself and the deadly books. Me thinks 3. Well, maybe i do. Her one decision was a tad dumb, and she risked her life, but who cares.

But that aside, she really is a emotionally weak. Her mom is dead from cancer, ok, sad, but how many more people have lost family and friends to cancer? Just my humble opinion here-- hide spoiler ] but no judging girl, I admire you for being the first girl trapper. Or maybe i liked the book because there was a totally hot Beck. Not much action in the book, but a woman can dream! Or it just might be the fact that i read it in , and it was set in In this year, Atlanta no longer has the money to keep stuff normal.

Breck goes to bars to get drunk at bars some nights, and he owns a truck, people have enough money to keep an ongoing tv show about demon killers totally unrealistic, btw , there are special markets that sell Holy Water and magic spheres, and yet Beck gives our "Princess" a necklace with metal, something people would kill for. Appart from those few and small details, the book was good enough. January 1, Heather More like a 4. There is a lot of potential to build upon.

The characters are really likable and sassy. I like sassy and strong minded heroines and heroes. There are plenty of those in this book. I usually pick one of the guys who are potential love interests and start crushing on them, then I cheer them on. Which to choose I also really liked the premise behind this book, good verses evil and trappers who hunt the demons. I thoughts this book was fast paced. You get enough back story, but not in a boring too much information way.

Too cute. Plus, they get stored in sippee-cups. I could go on, but I think you get the picture. Who knows. As it is - I have read pages and struggled for the last 20 or so with the first notions of boredom - my opinion of the book is best represented by 2 stars. So cute. Another thing to like is the cover, because it fits. Riley works in jeans and sneakers and she carries glass orbs filled with holy water to defeat gradedemons with them. For people, who - like me - like stories with alternating points of view: Enjoy: The narration switches smoothly back and forth between Riley and Beck.

Bought these books when they came out in ! Or even older readers just looking to power through something! At seventeen Riley has been training as an apprentice to her father long enough to be trusted to trap a minor demon on her own.

Everything is extraordinarily expensive and school is held in old coffee shops and grocery stores. Demons range from harmless little magpies that steal odd items from your home to monstrosities that have to be hunted down with holy water and lots of weapons. And it was the mythology that kept me interested long enough to really give this book a go. There were a couple of different mysteries within the story, one concerning the holy water and another regarding a reality-TV show about Vatican sponsored demon hunting, that had the potential to go somewhere.

But as I reached the last fifty pages of the book too many annoying distractions took away my ability to care how the story resolved itself. It just seemed contrived to appeal to an audience that would likely be largely female and addicted to "Twilight.

But I can overlook teen angst if the story is interesting enough. Books like The Hunger Games and Divergent worked for me because there was a logic to the story as well as a good emotional payoff.

Despite my reservations, this book seems to be a big hit among the teen crowd, if the reviews on Amazon are any guide, but I suspect that most adult readers looking for a nice paranormal diversion would probably be better served by avoiding this one.

January 1, Eilonwy After a great opening scene a demon in a library! Someone told me "If you want to read a good urban fantasy set in Atlanta, try the Kate Daniels series, instead. I enjoyed it from beginning to end; there were a few sad parts but the quirky lower grade demons always managed to put a smile on my face. I read this book while killing time on the various flights I took during my vacation. No re-reading required. Oddly enough I think the demons were my favorite part about this book.

I totally want one! The fact that Riley uses sippy-cups to contain them is hilarious. Riley is a fantastic character whom Jana Oliver developed extremely well. Tragedy strikes at every turn but Riley keeps at it. Her young age was comically illustrated a few times such as when she was worried about having to go to school with green demon pee all over. Blackthorne is forced to grow up really quickly in this book but she handles it extremely well.

My crush on Beck was almost instantaneous. Nothing romantic happens between these two protagonists but a few hints are dropped and I really hope that sparks fly in the second installment of this series. Overall, Beck still remains a mystery to readers. His actions show that he has a softer side beneath his tough guy exterior.

This book is a must read! Thankfully the next book in this series is out in August.


Book Review: Forsaken (Demon Trappers #1) by Jana Oliver



The Demon Trappers Series


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