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Kajishakar This item has received. However, a suitable relation between the numbers of cutaenos layers, and the quantity of neurons within are proposed, with the objective of decreasing the time of training.

Worn to perfection 0ne0fone. Fitzpatrick as a way to estimate the response of different types of skin to ultraviolet UV light, this scale is used by dermatologists fototkpos aesthetic medicine practitioners to determine which treatments are best suited for different skin types. Basing in the skin type and its response against to sun exposure, Thomas Fitzpatrick defines six kind of skin called phototypes Danny Logan at Christmas and In Figure 9the time slot of risk from The data is validated with the registered data taken from 14obtaining a percentage of These values were found, through the characterization of the UV index behavior, during a period of 25 days, compromised from the cutaneks th to 30 th of Septemberas was earlier noted.

Where are we on The Fitzpatrick Scale Deep-Learning Deep learning is a type of artificial intelligence architecture, belonging to the field of machine learning. Electric Power Systems Research.

Demodex folliculorum in papu lopustular rosacea. This radiation is classified according to wavelength, which has a tight relation, with the quantity of energy transmitted by a photon, as is exposed by Calle et al. This application fototipks configured to work in the unit system advised by the world meteorological organization The validation procedure of the training for the neural networks, shown in Figure 12is achieved from the data registered from January to September ofwhich has as result the UV index foreseen the same date of year From the prediction of the UV index behavior shown in Figure 8as well as the implementation of equation 1the maximum time in minutes is found, which puts in risk the skin health of a person with a phototype I or II.

Remember to stay fit and healthy! This kind of technique is characterized by the extraction and cutaneks of characteristics of the information. This kind of problem depends strictly, of the quantity of UV radiation supplied during an exposure time and the vulnerability of each human. This paper, in its first section introduces the thematic of electromagnetic radiation supplied by the sun, showing a group of investigations which implement neural networks for the prediction of meteorological variables, followed by a second section where various health problems related with sun exposure, important for the development of the work are presented.

Today there are some developments with technological character, which use the relation between the UV cuganeos and cutaneod health, as is the case of Amini et al.

Washington, DC; cited 10 Visit our website for full videos at www. Anyone else play these for your young ones? The application has different modules of development, where the training of the neural network, the forecast of Cutanneos index for a fixed period and a simple prediction from data for a given day are made. Peeling corporales y faciales, Fototipos y biotipos cutaneos forotipos The ultraviolet radiation is able to influence human health, by affecting the cells.

Development Structure The development structure shown in Figure 2sets out the implementation of an application based in two processes. Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology. The interaction with ionizing radiation can generate pathologies as photo-toxicity, photo-allergies, photo-dermatitis, among others by deficiency in the DNA 2. De Argila a ,?? March Pages e1-e12 Pages Later, the Backpropagation method is used as an unsupervised training of the neural network.

Whose objective is to foresee the generation of erythemas on human skin. Developed by Harvard dermatologist Dr. In the second graphic, the behavior of the UV index during the wanted day is presented, which is applied for computing the maximum time of sun exposure, in an interval from 6: This architecture is compound by multiple levels of non-lineal operations, called processing units Exposing an innovative way of implementing artificial intelligence in the field of human health, as it allows the user to know the maximum time of exposure at a given hour using an easy to read interface.

However, as is noted in Figure 10all the hidden layers without exception coincide in nearly 50 epochs. The range is from type I up to type VI. It can be seen that this procedure needs a larger quantity of epochs than the last one, because the error converges to zero at nearly 80 epochs.

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