Download eBook Likened to a 48 Laws of Power for young Black men, this book presents Black biographies, history, and current events in a language that the Hip-Hop generation will understand and relate to. Each story or essay is framed within the context of a life lesson, each one being of vital importance to the survival, redemption, and ultimate success of our dying Black generation. Both the positive and negative sides of the Black experience are explored in detail, from the lives of infamous drug dealers and pimps to the exploits of Black revolutionaries and activists. In addition, several How To sections outline simple strategies for self-development. Packed with useful information, from the best way to handle confrontations with police, to the continuing relevance of the race riots, this book has been compared to an urban Encyclopedia Africana.

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How to Be a Motherfucking Pimp Below is a chapter on how to pimp. However, there is much more information in the book itself from pimping to how to make PCP. The book itself is available for free for at least the next month and can be had HERE as we are awaiting the outcome of a court case. More on this to come. Remember, nothing here at the home of Dazzle Razzle is endorsed. So, here we go. The following is part of an excerpted chapter of what is to be found in the book.

Well, the Game is an elaborate machine, and most pimps only have a vague sense of how it actually works outside of its external trappings. They may provide a lot of color, but they lack substance. These women are hoes. Any pimp can tell you that. Right, so you ask, before you get to pimp-to-pimp relationship shit, how does this pimp-to-ho business happen? Hoes are a magical breed of creature. Money falls from their pussies. Or rather, you can think of her pussy as the goose that lays golden eggs.

Be good to the goose and it will keep laying tricks, and that shit is golden. No, but I will now. And the meaningless circular pimp stuff is important, along with his threads and his car.

You will see, but right now we are talking about hoes. The first thing to know is that although hoes are all different, they are actually all the same. They are actually all the same because, structurally, their minds are governed by the same fundamental unity that is defined through being a set of their differences. In other words, each ho is different from the next ho, but there are deep lying affinities that form a kind of common denominator. For this to make sense, check this out. Why do hoes come to pimps?

This is another structural question. It is because, nine times out of ten, they are looking for a father figure. Rather it is something entirely different. It is the need for an authority figure. She is looking not for just a man, but the man—the pimp. Often this is because The Man, in whatever guises he may take, has let her down. He will serve as a point of order in her otherwise volatile life. The pimp is the dispenser of justice, of Pimp Law, and he makes decisions for the ho.

The street is a precarious place, but most of the uncertainties a ho has are packed away in her fucked-up childhood. It is firm. Whether the ho needs this Pimp Law to abide by or to chafe against, what she really needs is for it to be felt. Satisfying this, Pimp Law provides the necessary compass points for a ho. But, the thing is, for her to march south, she needs to know where north is in order for her to march at all.

You see, hoes are fucked-up. With some hoes, even if the physical side of Pimp Law seems arbitrary, she still needs the beating irrespective of how illogical the rules and expectations are that you have set for her. They are hotbeds of irrationality and hoes often have all kinds of head issues about being bad, not deserving of love, etc.

So, where do hoes come from? There are different hoes, in different stables, managed by different pimps. To stay in the Game, you gotta stay on your game. Now, when a ho comes to the track, the Game is already there, spread before her. The Game is always anterior to the action.

Why is the slang and all the other trappings essentially the same? Things may change, but the Game always stays the same. And there is a reason for this. It is not as though the 70s saw a crystalline perfection of the Game where its pure form is now passed from hand to hand down through posterity because of anything intrinsic to the material.

Rather, what happened is something fundamentally formal. Always is. Blaxploitation films like The Mack, Mac and Me, [25] and Willie Dynamite served not only to popularize the pimp, but to establish the iconography of the Game.

The result was a prepackaged system, abstracted from reality, commodified, and sold back to the street. In the wake of this cultural movement was founded a self-perpetuating system based on the fetishized image that, in its fixity, proved to be its very motive force. The Game became codified as is apparent in the pimp, his clothes, cars, and behavior.

The pimp was made, and hoes could find their bearings in this clear ordering. Expectations were available and preceded any involvement in the Game. Pimp-to-pimp relations were generalised in their configuration. Where practices may have varied before, now there were common expectations established through a common understanding of what it meant to be in the Game. Plugging in, one becomes syntonic. A ho chooses to be a ho. Superficially, hoes may come to the streets because of drugs, domestic violence or destitution.

But, see, that only drove them to the streets, not to be hoes. On the surface of it hoes are understood to be with a pimp on their own free volition, [29] and the understanding is that it is a contractual arrangement entered into freely. The ho choses a pimp, and she also reserves the right to leave him and choose a different pimp if she has a mind to.

This is the material aspect of the contract. But, you wonder, why would she want to give up her money in the first place? On the surface the pimp provides a number of services. He is there to protect the ho from sadistic tricks, [34] pigs, and possibly other hoes and pimps. He manages her money, gives her guidance and sorts out her problems for her.

This could be protecting her from herself when it comes to drugs or other lifestyle considerations. So, it would seem that he is there to guarantee her wellbeing, to watch over her, to be her daddy. But surely, you think, why would any ho want to sign up for a relationship where they give up all their money?

And for what? Clearly, the benefits of this relationship are extremely disproportionate. The pimp becomes a coordinate for a ho. This is actually very important, and a real basis of their strength, whether they know it or not. A pimp exists as a collection of codes that a ho is already attune to, just as you are. This is all-important. They function like a frame around a screen that invites a ho to play her own movie against. Every ho has her own movie that she wants to star in, and the pimp gives her shot at the big lights.

In these ho fantasies she sees herself in and through her pimp. This can mean as many different things as there are hoes, but the themes are the same, and the movie is always a romance of some sort with a glorious, earned ending down the line that allows her to put up with current privations and quiet sufferings.

In the ho-movie, she expects to, at a later date, sneer down on a contemptible and cold bourgeois society from a position both above and outside. There is no Ludovico Treatment. It looks like the ho does all the work, but it has to be done through the pimp for it to be of any value, whether she understands it or not.

When a pimp calls out, it is always, and only, a ho that responds. The pimp makes the ho, and she loves him for it. In the pimp she sees power, control, and flamboyance—she loves in the pimp what she wants to love in herself.

But again, distance has to be maintained or there is no movie. But, you might ask, if there has to be a movie, why does it seem like a porno? What makes a ho want to fuck for money?

I guess one could, but only to an extent. Now, why sex? Well, a ho is usually pretty fucked-up and needs validation on a couple of levels. It might be trite to claim that they turnout to the track in part because they have no real employable skills for mainstream occupations, or at least not the kind where they think they can make any actual money, but there is element of truth to it.

They love it and they hate it. A cock lifts a worthless ho up and confers value on her. Behind variance there is unity, and now we have to consider a general rule about bitches before we can properly make sense of hoes.


From Pimp Stick to Pulpit-It's Magic: The Life Story of Don "Magic" Juan





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