Make sure that your new IP is the same of current PC. The default setting for all ports is Normal. Quality of Service QoS is a way of managing traffic in a network, by treating different types of traffic with different levels of service priority. Higher priority traffic gets faster treatment during times of switch congestion. By using VLAN, users can group by logical function instead of physical location.

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These ports are auto-sensing ports: When you insert a cable into an RJ port, the switch automatically ascertains the maximum speed 10 or or Mbps and duplex mode half- or full-duplex of the attached device. Table summarizes the LEDs on the switch. This is equivalent to turning the power off and back on. The last saved configuration will be loaded onto the switch as it resets.

To press the Reset Button, insert a small device such as a paper clip into the opening to press the recessed button. Installing the Switch on a Flat Surface The switch ships with four self-adhesive rubber footpads. Stick one rubber foot pad on each of the four concave spaces on the bottom of the switch. Before you connect the power cord, select an AC outlet that is not controlled by a wall switch, which can turn off power to the switch.

Page 15 Local Area Network. A network of end stations such as PCs, printers, servers and network devices hubs and switches that cover a relatively small geographic area usually not larger than a floor or building. The ability to distribute traffic across various ports of a device, such as a switch, to provide efficient, optimized Load balancing traffic throughout the network. Page 16 Quality of Service user. Segment A section of a LAN that is connected to the rest of the network using a switch, bridge, or repeater.

Page Troubleshooting Chart Switch Integrity If required, verify the integrity of the switch by resetting the switch. If you are outside of North America, please refer to the support information card included with your product. This manual is also suitable for:.


NETGEAR ProSafe FS726TP Installation Manual

Using built-in standards based IEEE Two built-in Gigabit ports provides fast connections to servers or a Gigabit-speed backbone. This high performing switch features a non-blocking wire-speed architecture with an 8. In addition, an intuitive, Web-browser interface offers the simple Smart Switch management, making it a snap to monitor switch performance, configure ports, even set up port trunks, VLANs, and traffic prioritization.

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Netgear ProSafe FS726T User Manual


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