This was again confirmed in official documentation that I requested from the Governor of the Central Bank of Kenya. I found this unsettling. First Euro , on and then USD4. Only Hon.

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He founded and served as founder-Executive Director of the Kenyan chapter of Transparency International in after years of the government refusing it registration. He also served a board member of Transparency International in Berlin. The magazine folded after operating four issues. This was as a result of audit queries made by Price Waterhouse, and subsequent commercial court action brought against Mr. Ngunyi by the Ford Foundation with Mr.

Githongo as a witness on behalf of the prosecution having revealed to Ford the initial problems that led to the audit in the first place. Main article: Anglo Leasing scandal In January he was appointed to the position of Permanent Secretary for Governance and Ethics by the incoming president Kibaki, who had been elected on an anti-corruption platform. He resigned from his position on 7 February [5] without comment, though it was reported that he felt the government lacked commitment to ending corruption and that he had received death threats, a common occurrence in Kenyan public office holding.

He remains a powerful advocate against corruption. He also claimed that President Kibaki was complicit in the affair. The scandal centered on the award of a huge contract given to Anglo-Leasing — a company that did not exist. These allegations were denied by Awori and Murungaru and an investigation was promised. In one section the ambassador wrote — "Paragraph 5 provides details of statements made by Ringera former head of the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission to Githongo that Githongo took as direct threats to his life by the Kenyan political elite, to include Ringera.

It has also been recently revealed that he taken up an additional position as a Visiting Fellow of the Ottawa-based International Development Research Centre. He reveals that at the end of his investigations, he came to the inescapable conclusion that the Anglo Leasing scandal went all the way to the top, and as a consequence his life was in danger.

While in Britain, Githongo spent two days giving evidence to a delegation of Kenyan MPs who were investigating the scandal. Both parties were positive about the outcomes of the meetings. On 10 February , Murungi issued a statement that was faxed to all Kenyan media houses questioning the intentions and motives of John Githongo, in the form of 36 questions. Minister Murungaru was demoted as a result of Mr. In , Murungaru was banned from all travel to the United Kingdom by the British Home Secretary as a result of his involvement in corruption.

Among the questions asked was why John Githongo was recording his conversations with Government officials and asking how many other conversations he recorded including those with the president.

However, Githongo returned to Kenya in August and the government did not challenge his allegations or attempt to prosecute him under the Official Secrets Act. Post-Exile[ edit ] Githongo returned to Kenya in , and founded an organisation called Inuka Kenya Trust, a grassroots advocacy group aimed at creating an informed citizenry.

In Jan , Githongo launched a new campaign, Kenya Ni Yetu Kenya is Ours , aimed at mobilising ordinary people to speak up against corruption, impunity and injustice. He is a board member of Kabissa , [13] an organisation that serves the networking, information sharing and ICT peer learning needs of African Civil Society.


Kenya: Githongo Report

Moshura This is a remarkable tally in a country that is consistently ranked among the most corrupt in the world. In particular, you should try to stick to your normal routine and behaviour. She previously carried a Kenyan diplomatic passport D that expired on Githojgo 12, During this period, despite a string of major corruption scandals that have come to light before and after his appointment, he has not only failed to successfully investigate a single senior government official, he has actively thwarted their successful investigation and prosecution by teaming with Attorney General Amos Wako ref b. The proposals frequently requested goods not needed or desired by the line ministry targeted to pay for them, and involved large upfront payments or commissions financed by loans arranged by the businessmen. But I thought your visitors might want dossie learn more about where to download unlimited kung fu schools 27 Jul 07 at 3: I was furious and we argued for over an hour on the fundamentals as well of how to deal with corruption within our administration.


John Githongo

Donate to Wikileaks via the Freedom of the Press Foundation For other ways to donate please see https: Getonga and others, growing wealthy while running the nation, set the poorest possible example for a police force severely damaged by years of corruption. Colonial spoils recycled as new money Wednesday, 27 October John Githongo Kenya was a project conceived by the British and inherited by an African elite. We also advise you to read our tips for sources before submitting. If you face legal action If a legal action is brought against you as a result of your submission, there are organisations that may help you. Minister Murungaru was demoted as a result of Mr.



Advanced users, if they wish, can also add a further layer of encryption to their submission using our dosdier PGP key. That kind of planning with involvement of elements of the Kenyan state is a direct assault on democracy and institutions in this country. Kenya: Githongo Report I advised that there was potential for the country to save a great deal of money on this. Finally, the Githongo dossier directly links Kamani to the two Anglo- Leasing scandals. Not one of them has been successfully investigated and xossier on the Anglo-Leasing case.

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