Only partly completed, this was not published until after his death in , as Geschichte eines Deutschen "the story of a German" , translated into English now as Defying Hitler. The "prologue", about a third of the work as it stands, runs from when the author was seven down to There the army bulletin was posted several hours before it appeared in the newspapers: a narrow sheet of white paper on a noticeboard, sometimes long, sometimes short, covered with dancing capital letters, obviously produced by a very worn duplicating machine. I had to stand on tiptoe and strain my neck to decipher it.

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Nov 20, Lilo rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: everyone who does not wish to live in a totalitarian state Shelves: memoir , third-reich , philosophy , totalitarian-state , historical-non-fictionth-century , politics , racism , germany , psychology MUST READ!

It may even be the most important book I read in all my life. When WWII broke out in September , the author deserted this book project, as he no longer considered his private memories important, and turned to writing professional historical and political books and essays, with which he became a renowned book author and journalist. As a journalist, he wrote for the Spiegel, the Stern, the Welt, and other political magazines and newspapers. Please read the Wikipedia page on Sebastian Haffner.

The above book was first published by his son, in Some of those terrorized and in fear would emigrate. This, unfortunately, was only an option for a very small percentage of the unhappy population. The costs involved with emigration would exceed the financial means of most people.

And how would they support themselves in a foreign country with, in most cases, a foreign language? Besides, the Nazi regime passed laws that not only made emigration most difficult with extreme requirements of paperwork but also dispossessed most property, assets, and belongings of those who left the country.

Furthermore: Other countries were not keen on receiving emigrants. Would enforce strict immigration quota and would even refuse asylum to Jews, whose lives were clearly in danger.

Most terrorized and in fear including my own family, relatives, and family friends would keep a low profile that gave them and their loved ones a fair chance for survival. Secretly in your bedroom? You might think that you already know most of the above. You need to know these details, so that you will be able to recognize them when they get repeated. This is particularly important, as some of them are already repeated, in our time, in our country.

It will only take minutes until Martial Law will be declared, which means the end of all remnants of any democracy. The latter is a very convenient method to get rid of undesired people without having to bother with a court case, especially, as long as no kangaroo court has been established yet.

Once a totalitarian state has been established, it will be too late. And you might even wish to make plans where to go in a worst case scenario. Btw, Hitler had no problem finding dissidents with only very simple means.

Today, with the help of search engines crawling over the internet, finding dissidents would be even so much easier. There is still time to prevent history from repeating itself.

So please do whatever you can. Speak up and vote. I forgot to tell: This book is very well written. For anyone with a good command of German, the German original is probably better [because some terms used in this book are a bit difficult to translate], but the English translation is very good.

So I recommend to read a copy of whatever language you are more familiar with.


Sebastian Haffner



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Defying Hitler: A Memoir


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