Alla riunione, il gruppo riceve una lettera dal fondatore e presidente del Club, Impey Barbicone, che gli avvisa di aver una proposta che gli potrebbe essere interessante il giorno seguente. Quel giorno, durante la lora adunanza, Barbicone parla della sua idea di fare un esperimento. Intende progettare un cannone che potrebbe raggiungere la Luna. Quella notte, la processione viene tenuta con Barbicone alla testa.

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Shelves: three-star-no , goodbye , r-r , sci-fi-and-other-creepy-things " Round the Moon " is a novel by Jules Verne published in It is the sequel to " From the Earth to the Moon ", written five years after that novel. There is absolutely nothing else I can think of to say about the novel that will not give away the plot to the first book.

So we have Ardan going to the moon, then we add Barbicane and his old rival and enemy, Captain Nicholl, an armor-making rival, who claims that the entire idea is absurd, will never work and after a rather strong fight with Barbicane over it they both agree to go along to the moon to prove which one of them is right.

I think all three are crazy. I waited all the first book for this moment. The first chapter ends with this when the cannon is finally fired: "Ardan, dear friend," interrupted Barbican, in a grave tone, "a serious moment is now at hand.

Let us meet it with some interior recollection. Give me your hands, my dear friends. The three brave men united in one last, silent, but warm and impulsively affectionate pressure. In Thee we trust! Only forty seconds more! Barbican rapidly extinguishes the gas and lies down beside his companions. The deathlike silence now reigning in the Projectile is interrupted only by the sharp ticking of the chronometer as it beats the seconds.

Suddenly, a dreadful shock is felt, and the Projectile, shot up by the instantaneous development of , millions of cubic feet of gas, is flying into space with inconceivable rapidity!

The next chapter finds them alive but unconscious, Ardan being the first regain his senses, he goes and assists his fellow passengers and eventually everyone seems to be fine, everyone but one of the dogs that is, he was killed in the takeoff.

Now, after eating a rather hearty breakfast this is the first thing they do: "The first thing now to be done was to see after the water cask and the provision chest.

They were not injured in the slightest respect, thanks to the means taken to counteract the shock. The provisions were in good condition, and abundant enough to supply the travellers for a whole year—Barbican having taken care to be on the safe side, in case the Projectile might land in a deserted region of the Moon. As for the water and the other liquors, the travellers had enough only for two months. During the journey, therefore, and for the first year of their installation on the Lunar continent, the daring travellers would be pretty safe from all danger of hunger or thirst.

Oh, breathing is taken care of also:.


Dalla Terra alla Luna



Intorno alla Luna



Scrisse Intorno alla Luna



Intorno alla luna


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