Mai mult Jane Goodale Ashley Judd este o tanaara new-york-eza hotarata sa reuseasca atat in cariera, cat si in viata personala. Atunci cand fermecatorul Ray Brown Greg Kinnear , noul producator executiv al talk show-ului pentru care lucra incepe sa o curteze, Jane este in al noulea cer. In scurt timp, el ii rosteste la ureche cele doua cuvinte magice si noul cuplu de indragostiti este gata sa se mute impreuna. Dar… absolut pe neasteptate si aparent inexplicabil, Ray da inapoi de la aceasta hotarare comuna si renunta la dragostea lor de curand marturisita. Parasita si deznadajduita, Jane incepe sa caute cu disperare o explicatie a comportamentului lui, pe care o gaseste in lumea animala. Ca urmare, se dedica studiului ritualurilor de imperechere ale suratelor noastre necuvantatoare.

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I think I even liked this audiobook better the second time around. Pirrrrrrrratical fun. This was my first novel by Johanna Lindsey, though I read a short-story of hers in an anthology before reading this book. I made myself a list to justify both my enjoyment and distaste. Reasons I enjoyed this book? In this book, Georgina has 5 older brothers : Fisticuffs ensue.

Rinse, Lather, Repeat. More fisticuffs. I loved the description of sprawled legs and flinging arms. The narrator also did a good job with the brogue of Ian. I like it when audiobook narrators can do different voices and accents.

People usually romanticize London during books of this time period, so it was fun to see characters hating the idea of England and London. Not that I have anything against the UK myself.

James had a very sexy way of raising his eyebrow in the book and not saying anything aloud, but saying everything with his expression. I might just have to dress my husband up next Halloween… Make him swab the deck or walk-the-plank or something.

Hmmmm… So, what were my issues with the book? The whole nausea thing annoyed me in the book. Dizzyness and urge to faint or something, I could understand. But nausea? Feeling like throwing up on the Pirate?

She was ready to jump his bones, not vomit. Seemed a bit unrealistic to me. Maybe not for the guy in the s harboring a secret female in his cabin, but I would at least think Georgie would at least have a tinge of worry about it.

Too young and too unbelievable. And an icky thought. When I pictured Georgie in drag, I saw her as a 17 year old cabin-boy in my head. Not Except with retired pirates. Yes, I know they are really very different books. But, I still felt like I was blending the stories together in my head. They saw a pirate ship, but instead of fighting, they ran away.

Where there are pirates there should be sea-chanties and drunken behavior. And large octopi or squids. I doubt that there are many sea monsters in historical romance, other than that recent rewrite of Austen with Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters.

At least they were cheesy fun like flaming hot cheesey goo on pizza fresh out of the oven. Would I read it again? Somehow, I doubt this is the only historical romance with that plot, but I could be wrong.


Jocul seductiei a unei pizde blonde

Jocul sexual al unei curve maseuze Durata: Adaugat acum: zile Un joc excitant al unei curve maseuze care are un client ce-si doreste si o muie plus o penetrare in pizd Fateziile unei pizde brunete Durata: Adaugat acum: zile Bruneta buna de pula are chef de ceva mai diferit, asa ca arunca petale de trandafir pe patul pe care se Chelios pofticios ii sparge pasarica unei blonde Durata: Adaugat acum: zile Sedusa de cheliosul pofticios, se dezbraca, se pune pe o parte si se lasa gaurita in pizda de barbatul vi Masturbarea unei pizde blonde Durata: Adaugat acum: zile Masturbare aunei pizde sexy si blonde care sta in pat si incepe sa isi bage degetele adanc in ea, sa se f Limbi in cur ,futai in pizda si muie cu 2 tarfe blonde si un Durata: Adaugat acum: zile 2 pizde blonde au parte de un golan dotat care vine la ele sa le traga muie ,sa le futa in pizda si sa le


Jocul seductiei



Jocul seductiei – de Johanna Lindsey


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