Voktilar Position statement paper and literature review. The first group perform postisometric relaxation and the second stretching. Sign in to annotate. Abstract PDF References Article Recommendations Spine flexibility and the prevalence of zemhaty of selected postural muscle groups in junior male football players Study aim: Two groups of boys aged 10 — 13 years were studied: Exercise in rehabilitation medicine. Most of the work shown better results after postisometric relaxation treatment than stretching.

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Exploring the range of motion of the head and neck, and pain before and after therapy. Banaszczak The flexibility of the spine and muscle contractures in shoulders and hip joints xembaty young female and male basketball players. Clinics ; 63 6: Spine mobility was determined by measuring differences between standing and bent postures in the forward thoracic and lumbar regionsbackward and lateral bends and in axial rotation body twist. Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins, Baltimore.

In the group has been performing postisometric relaxation note significant much improvement of reducing pain ailments than in the second group.

Flexibility and strength training. Spine flexibility and the prevalence of contractures of selected postural muscle groups in junior male football players. Journal of Athletic Training ; 36 1: To investigate factors affecting pain ailments used the survey. Longitudinal follow-up of fitness during childhood: To assess spine flexibility and possible muscle contractures at shoulder and hip joints in boys practicing football and in their untrained mates.

Effects of resistance training on the physical capacities of adolescent soccer players. In addition, set out the factors having significant impact on the neck pain ailments. There was no significant difference between the groups. The aim of the work was to assess whether stretching and postisometric relaxation are an effective methods of increasing the range of motion and reduction of pain and which of that therapeutic applications is more effective.

Kineayterapia can the physical fitness of schoolchildren be measured? Therapeutic Excercise For Musculoskeletal Injuries. Effect of global posture reeducation and of static stretching on pain, range of motion, and quality of life in women witch chronic neck pain: The survey revealed that the factors most influencing pain ailments on the neck are: Warm-up stretching exercises were applied at every training session.

Clinical Biomechanics ; Stretching exercises ought to be recommended as elements of warm-ups and of physical education classes in order to improve spine flexibility and reduce the incidence of muscle contractures thoracic and sciatictibial muscles and hip flexors. Exercise in rehabilitation medicine. National Strength and Conditioning Association Youth resistance zembatty. Zembaty kinezyterapia pdf download De Gruyter — Sciendo. Spine flexibility ; Muscle contractures ; Male football players.

Duration of maintained hamstring flexibility after one-time, modified hold relax stretching protocol. Stone Flexibility characteristics among zembayy who weight train. The results presented in the work of the show the effectiveness of two methods to increase range of motion and only method of postisometric relaxation in reducing pain ailments.

Sign in to annotate. Zastosowanie stretchingu w rozgrzewce psychomotorycznej. Related Articles.


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