His shoulders were stooped; his face was etched in lines of worry that had not been there the previous day. This is most disturbing…most disturbing. My knowledge cannot extend to this area. He knew his old teacher well; Yaniff in his convoluted way was getting to something. Lorgin crossed his arms over his massive chest and leaned against the balustrade.

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Start your review of Knight of a Trillion Stars Matrix of Destiny 1 Write a review Shelves: paranormal-romance , reads Deana was having a really bad day - she was fired from her job, she sat in something funny and her car is parked in by an accident.

While she waits for her car, she goes to a nearby pawn shop and buys a random necklace that she thinks is junk. Deana was having a really bad day - she was fired from her job, she sat in something funny and her car is parked in by an accident.

She thinks he is a sci fi fan sent to her as a joke by her friends but soon realizes he really is an alien. Lorgan sticks by her side as she goes to a sci fi convention then randomly takes her trough a travel portal to his home universe to continue his quest as a Knight of the Charl to find who or what is messing with the fabric of his home world.

Lorgan recognized Deana or Adeena as her calls her as his fated wife since she wore the Shimalee. He married her without her knowledge then sets out to seduce the very reluctant Deana. Lorgan is very determined to win Deana over, so he puts his considerable focus on loving her senseless.

Deana tries to resist but Lorgan is one sexy and dominant man who overwhelms her in bed. Deana tries to adjust to the alien world she is thrust into but she stubbornly refuses to contemplate staying.

Lorgan has no intention of returning her to the strange world she came from because she is the woman he has waited for, so he lets her think she is going home so she has more time to adjust. But will Deana chose a life in a new universe with Lorgin? Or will she continue being too stubborn to realize what a great man Lorgin is and that he really wants her? Dara Joy is a good story teller.

These books were written way before the current paranormal craze and are pretty imaginative. I am not quite sure what he saw in the cranky Deana who stubbornly refused to see how she felt about him and his depth of caring for her.

Deana did annoy me often but not enough to ruin the story. I got a kick out of how Lorgin and Rejar used her stubborness and attitude to make jokes at her expense - hey she asked for it. Rejar is featured considerably in this book so I am excited to read his story, he is one sensuous and sexy Familiar. Traed was introduced in this one but I am annoyed because we never get to see his story because Dara Joy went a little nuts awhile ago and never wrote his story.

So overall, the story was interesting and the hero is very sexy. The heroine is annoying but I could put up with her because Lorgin was great plus he had no trouble taking on her stubborness.

The humor in the book is a little too slapstick and dated for me sometimes but there were a couple funny parts. I liked Mine to Take book 3 better than this one because it has a nice heroine but it was nice to see the background story of the characters in this book.


Knight of a Trillion Stars

But how else to explain the man who claims he is from beyond the stars? He says his name is Lorgin and that she is part of his celestial destiny. Deana thinks his reasoning is ridiculous, and she knows hes making an error of cosmic proportions. But his touch is electric, and Deana starts to wonder if maybe their passion isnt written in the stars? Fired from her job, exhausted from her miserable Boston commute, the last thing Deana Jones needed when she got home was to find an alien in her living room.


Knight of a Trillion Stars by Dara Joy - PDF free download eBook






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