We serve transitional age adolescents who come to us with social, emotional, mental health and behavioral challenges, and histories of complex trauma. The program strives to teach youth the skills they will need to succeed on their own in the future, including educational, vocational, and social skills. The program helps youth identify community resources and adult services as they transition out of the care of the Department of Children and Families. GRIP works to help adolescents integrate into the community in a supportive way through a strength-based model that identifies their unique capacities.

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By purchasing this book you have accepted the inherent risk associated with exercise, specifically exercise to improve grip strength. If you want to get a grip this is probably the best investment you could make.

Originally Posted by 75kg. I closed my 2 with both hands the day I got them back then. And my strength is going up. Just make it a smooth let out. In a nutshell, KTA came along at the right time for me and I was a perfect candidate for it. Negative Crush — Forcing shut a big gripper with the assistance of the opposite hand or a leg and instead of just resisting the gripper when it opens one tries to actually close the gripper. I did the first 2 phases of KTA which ended today. Just have to work on consistency and the dreaded credit card set.

The 3 is very close to becoming history for me thanks to the KTA program. But the manner in which I implemented it did not yield results. KTA is worth every penny.

There is not doubt that this program is tough, but the gains I have seen are unbelievable. I had been stuck on the last 2 mm off the 2 for about 2 months. About a month after using the grippers with no particular training program I managed to close the No. What made go from being able to close the 2 to beating the 3 was the KTA Program.

KTA is the key to stronger hands and gripper domination. Anyway, did you GTG with the 3, or 2? Thanks Bill for all your hard work! High Frequency Grip Training?

I was actually closing the 3 about 2 weeks early, inconsistently but I could close it. Before I start back up I just wanted to see how many times I could rep my filed 1. Specifically, you start out at your weakest level and the gripper is at its strongest level.

On week 3, the 2 was shut. My advice to anyone wanting to break through to the next level of grip strength is to order KTA and watch those grippers start to shake with fear!!! Does it work? Contrary to popular opinion, it will NOT severely weaken the gripper. What methods did you use ie. This program worked great. Focus on adding weight to the strap holds. Thanks to Bill for putting it together. KTA worked for me and I have never regretted getting it.

Forget about the mindset of fighting the gripper from opening. So, that would be overcrushes and negatives combined to give you singles for the week. Just learning how to hold the gripper has improved my crushing.

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What made go from being able to close the 2 to beating the 3 was the KTA Program. I trained through the program once aiming for the 2 as my goal gripper, even though I could close it, just to get more secure with it and to be able to close it anytime. Directly after finishing KTA, I started over but moved up one level with the grippers and 7 weeks into that training period I closed the 3 for the first time. Once I learned about gripper position, the set, and hand position I was able to close the 2 with ease, after struggling with it for months. More so, the whole philosophy of KTA set me on the path towards total hand strength. KTA is the key to stronger hands and gripper domination. Now I can do it because of KTA.


It was intense. Thanks Bill for allowing us to take part in this program. Paul went on to certify officially right handed for the 3. This was from two cycles of a one-week program designed to increase base strength for RRBT! I went from struggling to close a 3 to slamming it shut with authority. The other 3 was calibrated at

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