He had to leave Earth as he knew it in order to feel at home at last. Calvin, you see, ran afoul of a glitch in an alien though still Earthly technology, was swept into a temporal conveyor, and despite being thrust into a unique environment, still managed to defend himself Rating: 4. But where in the world was he? It looks like the same spot he just left, only

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Carr and Roland J. The Zarthani are the inhabitants of the five Great Kingdoms. Urgothi[ edit ] The Urgothi are a race of proto-Germans. The Urgothi created the Middle Kingdoms, including Grefftscharr. Ruthani[ edit ] The Ruthani are the real world Native Americans. They are considered barbarians by the Zarthani, who virtually exterminated the Eastern Ruthani when they arrived in the area to become the Great Kingdoms.

These kingdoms are inhabited by the Zarthani and are the main location of the series. Another Zarthani political entity outside the framework of the Great Kingdoms is Trygath, in the Ohio valley.

The Ohio River was not along the Zarthani eastwards migration routes, and Trygath is a semi-barbarous area known for its horse-breeding, and not considered Hos or "Great". Symbols described in Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen, including the flag of newly established Hos-Hostigos middle , and the flag of the principality of Hostigos bottom.

Since Hos-Hostigos was formed out of the territory of the Great Kingdom of Hos-Harphax, it was therefore not recognised as a Great Kingdom by any of the other kingdoms. It was founded after the arrival of Kalvan , who became its first king while dramatically improving the armies of Hos-Hostigos, attempting to eliminate pikemen altogether from the Royal Army and replace them with musketeers.

The flag of Hos-Hostigos is decreed to be a red keystone i. Hostigos[ edit ] The princedom of Hostigos, also known as Old Hostigos, is the first princedom of the kingdom of Hos-Hostigos founded by Kalvan. Its flag is a blue halberd-head on a red field. After the defeats at the siege of Tarr-Dombra and the Battle of Fitra aka "that Dralm-damned battle," fought in heavy fog , Hostigi troops invaded and burned much of southern Nostor, leading to an free-for-all civil war in Nostor.

Soon after the formation of Hos-Hostigos, the civil war ended when Gormoth was killed and replaced by Prince Pheblon , who agreed to join Hos-Hostigos. Its colors are black and pale yellow.

Beshta was set to scavenge plunder from the Nostori and Saski invasion of Hostigos when Kalvan arrived, and Balthar sent his brother Balthames to aid Sarrask at the Battle of Fyk.

Nyklos is ruled by Prince Armanes and a truly voluntarily princedom of the new kingdom of Hos-Hostigos. Ulthor[ edit ] Ulthor is a voluntary princedom of Hos-Hostigos and is located in the north-western corner of Hos-Hostigos and contains the only port in the kingdom real world Erie.

Hos-Harphax is one of the older Great Kingdoms and was created when the trading city of Harphax City at the mouth of the Susquehanna River began to exert its influence on the other cities, towns, and villages upstream from Harphax City. The capital, Zygros City, is on the site of the real-world city of Quebec. They include Grefftscharr, a major trading city, Rathon, and Dorg.

Grefftscharr[ edit ] Grefftscharr is a Kingdom centered around a major trading city in the location of our Chicago and strongest of the Middle Kingdoms.

The Knights are divided up into Lances, which are then combined into Wedges. The soldiers in this military wear red armor and have been known to kill friendly soldiers who try to flee the battlefield.


Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen

The notes cover information on: Commercial regulations, trading firms, commercial resident agents, citizenship, military, fourth level societies, first level societies, Bureau of Psychological Hygiene, cities, religion, and key characters. There are written notes and check marks as well on many of the pages. Beam Piper. This informal fan group, whose members included Lee Brainard, Roland Green, Jim Landau, and John Carr, traded research and original science fiction stories with eachother by mail during the s and s.


Kalvan series

Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. August Learn how and when to remove this template message Humans on an advanced time-line have discovered "lateral" time dimensions that allow them to travel to "worlds of alternate probability". They use it to exploit natural resources from these alternate realities. The Paratime Police are tasked to keep the invention of lateral "time travel" secret and to combat abuses. Occasionally, objects or people get caught in the paratime "conveyors" and are inadvertently transported to alternate timelines. Morrison ends up in a significantly different version of Pennsylvania.

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