Verification device All important parameters of the flow meter are measured, protocoled and evaluated. The verification device enables to check the perfect and exact functionality of the electromagnetic flow meters types M and M on site in regular time intervals at a low cost and without interruption of the process. The information can be retrieved, visualised, evaluated and downloaded via a password protected access; the password is set by the customer. Advantages Cost saving as against classical data recording, Wireless measuring sites, Access via internet independently from location, Optimization of global applications, Ideal for measuring sites in difficult areas, High flexibility thanks to the extremely small space requirement and quick installation of the GPRS module, Makes service, maintenance and putting into operation easier.

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Quadro P supports multiple displays at up to 5K resolution. Use real-world physics, lighting, and materials during interactive design and visualize with photo-realistic image quality. Integrate simulation during design with finer time-steps, more depth of field, larger assemblies, and more detail in components. NVIDIA Iray plug-ins enable designers to visualize designs with photorealistic image quality using physically based lights and materials as an integrated part of their workflow.

Combine multiple P cards to provide incredible rendering power for larger, more demanding rendering workloads. Larger, more complex designs can be experienced at scale, complete with virtual audio and touch integration. Animators can create complex simulations and interactive visual effects.

This includes building larger scenes with greater numbers of 3D elements—all fitting in graphics memory. Visual effects artists can create the more complex special effects, maintaining a larger number of assets in graphics memory and streamlining the effects workflow.

Create and play back ultra-high quality HDR content with dual H. Quadro P brings new levels of VR content-creation power, for more complex, detailed, and lifelike VR experiences. Dual H.

Quadro P brings new levels of VR content creation power, enabling more complex, more detailed, and more lifelike VR experiences than ever before. Reservoir simulations can also traverse GPU memory more quickly for better performance. AEC Solutions Architects can create larger models—including designing, conducting analysis, and making detailed walkthroughs of structures with greater levels of realism. Plant designers can create more complex plant designs and conduct verifications and walkthroughs.

Urban designers can create larger models with more detail and complexity. Powered by the P, VR-enabled walkthroughs allow customers to experience buildings at scale, providing instant feedback on designs, colors, textures, and features, and reducing costly rework once construction has begun.

Build completely immersive environments with a single P driving multiple 4K projectors. Quadro Sync with multiple P configurations can be used to create extremely large virtual environments. Quadro Sync II can connect multiple P cards and workstations for massive multi-display and multi-projector simulation environments.

Simultaneous Multi-Projection Complete stereo rendering of geometry in a single pass to double the effective throughput for applications such as VR.

Pascal Dynamic Load Balancing Dynamically allocate GPU resources for graphics and compute tasks as needed to maximize resource utilization. Pascal Graphics Preemption First ever pixel level preemption provides more granular control to better support time-sensitive tasks such as VR motion tracking.

Preemption at the thread and instruction level provides finer grain control over compute tasks. Each frame lock cable is designed with a self-locking retention mechanism to secure its connection with the frame lock connector to provide robust connectivity and maximum productivity.

DisplayPort 1. Each DisplayPort connector is capable of driving ultra-high resolutions of x at Hz with bit color. Professional 3D Stereo Synchronization Robust control of stereo effects through a dedicated connection to directly synchronize 3D stereo hardware to a Quadro graphics card. NVIDIA Enterprise-Management Tools Maximize system uptime, seamlessly manage wide-scale deployments and remotely control graphics and display settings for efficient operations.


AREVA M5000-116



EnGenius M5000 Datasheet



EnGenius M5000 Datasheet


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