In , Turi Guiliano and Aspanu Pisciotta are stopped by the Carabinieri , the corrupt Italian police, while smuggling food, but they refuse to give up the food or the name of who they were trading with. Guiliano is shot, but he manages to kill his attacker, a police Sergeant. Turi is carried by Aspanu to a local monastery , where he recovers from his wounds and learns more about the criminal side of Sicily under the care of the Abbot Manfredi. While discussing his future with family and friends, the local police attempt to arrest Turi. Turi and Aspanu open fire on the trucks pursuing them and kill some policemen. They flee to the mountains.

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Start your review of The Sicilian Write a review Apr 25, Saravana rated it it was amazing For someone who has just got into books and reading a book every ten days,it was too much to swallow.

Finishing the book at 2. Turi Guilliano, undoubtedly the greatest character that i have ever read about is just too unthinkable and great to forget with time. Puzo with his For someone who has just got into books and reading a book every ten days,it was too much to swallow. Puzo with his indimidating style and vocabulary takes you in to a different world where living by your heart is more important than living by the law. While Godfather lighted the underworld,this book shows you love,unimaginable bravery,gratitude,friendship,courage,cunning cleverness,a mixture of kindness and cruelty all present in one man Turi Guilliano who with his friend Aspanu becomes a bandit to help the poor.

Though I have never read anything about Robinhood and his heroics,I can be dead sure that Turi will be beter than him in every attribute. It is quiet amazing how I got the same aura after completing the book,that once got after reading the Godfather. It made sense afterwards that it was the true reflection of mood of the two novels. But I am happy for that. The book is a piece of art ,an epitome of characterisation and storytelling.

It is more than a novel about the life of Guilliano,it is a recording of how a story of a man becomes a myth,a legend for the generations to come. The greatness of Puzo lies not in telling you such a wonderful story but in making us think this is the life we would have wanted to live in the wildest of our dreams.


Mario Puzo



The Sicilian


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