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By this manual, user will feel helped with the information inside. This information will definitely be useful for them when they are about to learn the product deeper. Furthermore, a manual can also be used as a reliable reference in understanding this product better. Therefore, when you are about to learn the technical detail of a camera product, referencing to the manual will be the best idea to take.

And apparently, this is the reason of why we aim to bring the Pentax Optio W80 manual here. The Pentax Optio W80 Whole Camera Look Many people only concern about the specification of a product when they are buying a digital camera.

Yet, the look is important too. Obviously, no one wants to bring a really low-aesthetical camera device even if it has above average specification, right? This is why look plays a big role in deciding the level of certain camera product.

And in some cases the look of a camera product reflects the personality of its owner as well as the specification inside. This is why we are going to talk about the look first before jumping in to the Pentax Optio W80 manual. The body construction is tough and versatile. The shape is not changed much, it still look similar. Based on the Pentax Optio W80 manual, at the back side of the camera, we will have bright, sharp, and saturated LCD screen.

It works well in a dim light too. Pentax is the company that gives you attention to its product way before the official release. It has any proof that adventurers need. Based on the Pentax Optio W80 manual, this camera is waterproof, dustproof, cold-proof and shockproof. The shockproof can handle the impact of fall from 3 feet or one meter high. In history, Pentax introduced the camera for outdoor enthusiasts in as the first kind of dunkable digital camera. The design of the waterproof technology in this camera is better than before.

It can handle the depths of up 16 feet or 5 meters. So, you can operate the camera in rain and even taking photos underwater. There are some great features that would make you want to buy this camera. Pentax Optio W80 manual explains that theis camera has an enhanced rugged performance.

In this latest edition of Optio W series from Pentax, the adventure-proof has improved. It has internal optical zoom of 5times and the LCD is in 2,7inch. You can record movie in high definition, widescreen, and 30 frame per second.


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Pentax Optio W80 Manual / User Guide Download PDF


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