Date of issue: 1 September Description of the book "Pocket Ref": Among the many topics covered in this handy, pocket-sized guide are air and gases, carpentry and construction, pipes, pumps, computers, electronics, geology, math, surveying and mapping, and weights and measures. Reviews of the Pocket Ref To date in regards to the book we now have Pocket Ref opinions end users never have however left their report on the overall game, or not make out the print still. Although, in case you have already look at this e-book and you really are able to help make their studies convincingly ask you to be tied to to depart a critique on our website we can post equally bad and good testimonials. To put it differently, "freedom involving speech" Many of us wholeheartedly backed. Your comments to book Pocket Ref - additional readers should be able to decide of a publication.

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The concise all-purpose pocket-sized reference book featuring abundant information on many subjects, hundreds of tables, maps, formulas, constants and conversions. If you need to know it, it is in this book! How about the request that anyone who finds an inaccuracy or misprint contact the publisher, with an address for that right next to the "this book is lost, return it to:" page? Everything from Algebra to Zinc sheeting gauge tables is in this book, which fits in the space from the pad on the base of my thumb to the end of my little finger in length and the width of my hand when closed.

Need to identify a fastener or bolt? Want to know how much dirt is in that pile over there or conversely, how much of your driveway will be lost to x cubic yards of dirt? Log tables remember them?

Want to learn to tie a bowline and a sheepshank? Need the melting point of lead? Time zones? Area codes? Take the stuff you used to get in the ends of diaries when we were kids. Add all the stuff you find in the appendices of Big-ass Dictionaries.

Now pack it all in a pocket-sized book. This will bring out the inner eight year old in everyone and is about as useful as a Swiss Army Knife welded to a Leatherman Wave.

And it is all organized into sensible sections. Six stars. Macphail on Dec 14, The range of facts in this tiny page book will blow your mind.

You might actually use it. A fun gift for the right person, including possibly yourself. Keep it in the guest bathroom. You can also "Look Inside" the 3rd edition on amazon. Nice, handy, nice size, what expeceted It had come very handy many times, its useful, concise, complete for its scope.

I would highly recommend it. Cons: - havent found a webpage containing the errata Gave it 4 stars because its well above average but flaws exist and must be eradicated, i know its a slow process but it can be faster if an errata webpage could exist.

I quote two reviews giving it 1 star only. Using the published values will get you in trouble and probably negatively affect the structural integrity of what ever is being erected. Thomas J. Glover tells us gold has a density of It actually is How many other inaccuracies not typos! Every construction worker should have one in there tool box for a reference. The size is perfect for the carpenter tool box. Changed this review to 5-stars because my only beef was the missing content, which has been addressed.

My disappointment when I reached page was immense - instead of page following page , I saw instead page Maybe a page out of place, I thought, incorrectly - instead of pages - of this book, I was presented with a reprint of pages - While I can understand that the occasional misprint can happen, an error that causes nearly 7 of 34 sections to be completely unavailable is staggering.

HOW did this get missed? Even a casual review of the page numbering would have revealed the error, WELL before it made it to print. Very, very disappointing. Looking for some little detail about something. Actually I think I am going to add one to each of our emergency go bags. Cool Little Source of Info So many of them could be so easily fixed but have survived through the versions. Staying informed By John Mcgowan on May 12, This is one of those books that you will find most informative about everything.

Excellent book for reference and a good bathroom book. You can something new everyday, in a short amount of time. This would be great book for survivors of? Who knows? You will!!!!!!! Helpful, but By Charisse Moore on Jan 02, You need to have a background in a lot of the disciplines referenced in this book. It is part encyclopedia, part trivia tome, part entertainment and part dispute-solver.

Buried in the various tables and charts are tons of data and facts to aid the rider, roadside mechanic or budding MacGyver.

In Chapter 2 p. Settle that tavern bet over the codes on your tire sidewalls p. Look in Chapter 6. What do you suppose the weather is like in Maine in September? Will you need warm weather gear? Several Chapters apply to the off-season mechanic or machinist.

Granted there are more complete machining books, but if you are at the store and are blanking on a spec, the Pocket Ref may save you a return trip. Oh sure, you can get most of this information off of the internet. Hell - this thing fits into your jacket! Available from better hardware stores, booksellers or the publisher. Verdict: Casual Reader--You could live without this, but why would you want to?

Gear Head--Serious "geek-credit" earned when you deploy this little gem. Serious Ride--Has scores of uses directly applicable to motorcycling. A no-brainer. I forgot THAT was referenced in this book! It has so much useful information including every unit conversion imaginable; bolt, screw, nail, pipe, wire, etc Pocket Ref is THE pocket reference! By Darwin on Jun 22, I bought one copy for myself, then liked it so much I went and got another one for the office, along with Auto Ref for the car!

This book has everything--insulation values, lumber and wood characteristics, hand signals, military ranks, area codes, time zones, geometry and trig functions, plumbing and metal-working specs, "perpetual" calendar, first aid, and more! Finally the men had something worthwhile to fight over instead of the scented candles, potpourri, and other decidedly feminine knick knacks!

The guide got "stolen" at least five times before the last gift finally got opened. Among the things it lists are the strengths of different types of rope, electrical wiring data of all kinds, information about the planets, time zones and ZIP codes, formulas for calculating the volume and surface areas of any shape, and mineral data of all kinds. A must have for pack rats, engineers of all kinds, any sort of technical person and anyone who wants to have virtually any sort of technical and general knowledge at his fingertips.

Amazing reference for work, personal and trivia use! By Jeremy N. Dillman on Oct 11, I randomly picked this book up from the gift table at Restoration Hardware. After thumbing through it, it definitely seemed worth the money. Of course, whenever I whip this book out at work, everyone around ends up looking through it and heading straight to Amazon with the ISBN. For personal use, the "General Use" and "First Aid" sections are handy. Some of the random facts in here can be pretty entertaining.

Various mathematical equations are available at your fingertips. Everything else you could possibly need is in this book though.

I highly recommend it! Every tech reference I need By David G. Elliott on Feb 04, Between working in my garage, a teen-age son, computers, construction and working in a marine terminal, I need easy access to formulas for converting measurements, figuring volume, getting info on material strength and "trivial" facts on just about everything.

This Pocket Reference supplies all this information and lives in my work bag, next to my screwdriver and labor contracts. It has gotten me out of jams with the load limits for wire rope, torquing bolts and bets on the diameter of the planet Mercury.

Nice tool for the person who needs to know everything. Needed information in your pocket By Omahamike on Mar 22, Holy crap this is awesome!! I work in maintenance and am often expected to be able to fix everything. I like muscle memory or the ability to do things I know or have done before. This book is great! Do I need to know the specific gravity of Igneous rocks? I know it with this book.


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