The sound is the fort. J love it. If I had more I would have bought using the VoiceLive 2 , but hey we will see later. A real toy to use a lot of possibilities.

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The sound is the fort. J love it. If I had more I would have bought using the VoiceLive 2 , but hey we will see later. A real toy to use a lot of possibilities. Level effects voice, nothing to say. Level Guitar Effects, it does, it is not transcendent but the result is very decent for the price, nothing to say!!

You can go there with your eyes closed! Are they editable? What is the connection? Editing sounds and effects is it easy? Yes, single arch! The manual is clear and sufficient? In the box there is only a quick start guide. The first few minutes, you feel a bit lost but once you read the manual downloadable , everything seems much simpler. Getting started is quick and hassle free. The big slap! The sound quality is at the appointment. I honestly did not expect this. No hum, no noise, it is nickel.

The quality of the pre-amp is excellent thank you Helicon! The harmonies are beautiful and quite realistic. The effects are really stunning. For cons, I find that the gain knob located on the side very practical. But hey, it does a good job and it helps manage the feedback almost nonexistent. Everything is configurable. The guitar effects are not transcendent but honestly, it does.

I just need a sound processor to equip my home studio, when suddenly I saw the price difference between the play and the play version of GTX I did not hesitate. Ok a pedal, the amp simulations are not great in comparison with my guitar rig or pod Pro but frankly it does. I had the opportunity to test the VoiceWorks addition, it is much better but too complex to set up. What I like the most: manufacturing quality and robustness, simplicity to use and edit the various functions, but also the sound quality!!

What I like least? Nothing, except the gain dial and the fact that there was no switch but only a power supply. This pedal is really an ally of the singer and guitarist 2 of 2 people found this review helpful Did you find this review helpful? There is also a looper fashion that I did not use but which is very simple to use. The screen is very handy for live and publishing. A knob on the side rather impractical to adjust the gain of the preamplifier Manufacturing correct, all seems solid and well finished.

I tested four different. For the rest it is very well done, well thought out ergonomics. The menu navigation is intuitive, the display is clear. All the know-how TC is in the machine on guitar harmonies on Midi in, on auxillary input on integrated microphone background, nice reverbs, full of fun effects Note that this only works VoiceLive Play plugged in, not on batteries. The guitar effects board without being transcendent are well made and can be considered not to move with his pedal effects 5kg son and all.

Treatments on the voices come from the range VoiceLive and have proven, good here also. In order not to gun down the product, I note here the sound quality of treatments, not the preamp. I think overall reflect the whole. I am familiar with their products used intensely and VoiceWork VoiceLive 2.

In fact this pedal is a sort of half VoiceLive 2. I think they have placed a single DSP. As this machine is mainly done to receive the same voices that go into a microphone, it is simply barely passable and the worst part is that it takes all the good potential of the craft. In short: tried, triturated for one month Not good. EDIT: For ceusses who would really buy this machine and have them set in a pre-amp, they can go through it and entered the VoiceLive Play with a setting for dynamic mic


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Page Effects - Delay Effects - Delay f Delay Contains Delay effects which repeat the input signal based on the style and the current tempo There are two parameters: Feedback — Controls the amount of the delayed signal that is fed back into the effect Higher levels of feedback will make the delay continue for a longer period of time Style — Page 22 Effects - Delay cont. Page Effects - Harmony Effects - Harmony f Harmony Creates harmonies to accompany your lead vocal, using one or more voices There are three parameters: Level — Controls the overall level of the Harmonies Press the right-upper soft button to select this parameter and use the control knob to adjust the level 0dB is the maximum volume for the effect — Page 25 Effects - Harmony cont.


Tc-helicon VoiceLive Play GTX Manuals

I have a harmonizer I tried with the Bose and it really vvoicelive make alot of difference. The best setup so far for my ears is my own user preset on the GXT. Hope you enjoy the update. The unique preset number — i.

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