The plant is in the corner of the garden protected from wind and snow. The Twig Meanwhile, the seed continues to grow. Winter passes and spring arrives. One day, Rakesh is observing the bird when he suddenly notices the plant which has grown into a twig with one or two leaves. He realizes the cherry that he had planted a year ago.

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He is my favorite author since childhood, he writes poetry, fiction and non fiction stories based on the experiences of his own life. Many times I feel his story attaching to my heartstrings so I love reading him. I have grown up but he will still be my favorite author. He wrote his first book The Room on the Roof when he was And he leaves in Landour mussorie with his extend family.

About the book, The Cherry Tree — It is a short story revolving around three person Rakesh, his grandpa and a cherry tree. It contains beautiful illustrations with eye captivatunf pictures describing the bond of a Grandfather and his grandson. Grandpa loves his grandchild the most.

I am really touched by the simplicity of the characters yet giving the greatest lesson of life. Rakesh than plants cherry tree and the story shows all about the difficulties Rakesh faces in bringing up a tree, same is with life.

So it gives a message to bring up things in a good manner so that when they become big they are of some use to us back. Rakesh the guy who stays in mountains have many treed around him but still his affection for the cherry tree was unconditional, it was his favorite tree because he planted it from his hands. I loved reading the short story with so many big messages in it. The Cherry Tree.

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The Cherry Tree

He was very curious about the growth of the plant. After four years, the tree blossomed and bore fruits. Rakesh at the age of six Rakesh lived with his grandfather on the outskirts immediately outside of Mussoorie India. One day he went to the bazaar and bought a packet of cherries.


The cherry tree by Ruskin Bond


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