More than any other symbol, the six-pointed star has had a place in all faiths with a history going back to the ancient Sumerians, the oldest known civilization; Ur of the Chaldees in Genesis While many Christians believe paganism borrowed the six-pointed star from Judaism, the opposite is true, as the symbol dates all the way back to ancient Babylon and is depicted on ancient Sumerian seals. In recent years this symbol has become a centerpiece in many Christian churches and gatherings and has become the unifying symbol of all faiths. Though its esoteric meaning remains hidden to most Christians and to the majority of Jewish people, it is well known by those in the occult and the New Age Movement that the six-pointed star is manifestly seen and its true meaning revealed during the highest levels of secret initiations within Freemasonry and Theosophy: Alice Bailey and others who are privy to hidden mysteries have confirmed that the blazing star is commonly seen by initiates during a valid initiation. The word hex, meaning to place a curse on someone, comes from this emblem. Carmel, PA: Sharing, ; p.

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As the sun begins to set in the camp, the High Priest is ceremoniously lighting the oil in the Seven-branched Candlestick. It is a spectacle indeed, in the middle of the desert—arid and parched. Yet, the worship begins. God and His story with mankind is intriguing history. He is known as the God of Covenants, and this book addresses the Everlasting Covenant that God sealed with a symbol, not just on earth but in Heaven also.

You will be enjoying and enjoining as you read about the facts of the Seven-branched Candlestick given by the God who desires to be a Father and to establish an everlasting and unbreakable consanguinity with His children forever.

Indeed, God commanded His people to light the Seven Candlestick every Sabbath to commemorate this Everlasting Covenant as a statute forever in their generations in Leviticus Graham is a journalist turned theologian and is well-known for in-depth research and accurate reports. The research and documentation in this book will cast away any doubts about the God who created all things, who made His children in His own image and established with them an Everlasting Covenant that most have never even heard of.

Contact the author through the publisher. Outside the sky was a deep midnight blue with a million stars setting off their dazzling spectra lit by the Middle East moon. The air was pungent with the smell of the lilies. The streets were dusty and quiet. Very few hooded figures appeared intermittently while they furtively made their way from one building to another.

Outside the palace of King Solomon the usual guards stood still in their nightly vigil. Now and then, one coughed or said a few words. Inside the palace the air was thick with the fire of the moment that only men understood.

Girls danced with veils attached to jewels in their hair. They twisted and turned. Their eyes smoldering and dark over thin veils. Thin veils against skin giving the promise of what might be later. Ankle bracelets sending off lights of fire by the burning oil lamps as they dipped and turned. The King was drunk. He was celebrating his victories. Solomon left a legacy of occultism that would allow an infiltration that began before the creation of man told by the prophets Isaiah and Ezekiel and would end with the words of the prophet Daniel coming to pass.

Author: Dr. Heisreal has worked in mass communications media for over forty years and has traveled throughout the world.


Six-Pointed Star: Its Origin and Usage

Learn how and when to remove this template message Diagram showing the two mystic syllables Om and Hrim Six-pointed stars have also been found in cosmological diagrams in Hinduism , Buddhism , and Jainism. One possibility is that they have a common origin. The other possibility is that artists and religious people from several cultures independently created the hexagram shape, which is a relatively simple geometric design. Within Indic lore, the shape is generally understood to consist of two triangles—one pointed up and the other down—locked in harmonious embrace.

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Rothschild has a dark, secret plan for Americaand youre not going to like it. Hes also got conspirators working inside the U. These men and women have no love for America and its citizens. Instead, they constantly plot with Wall Street bankers and socialist revolutionaries to destroy our nation and seek to forge in its place a tyrannical New World Order. Well, you wont think so after you have read the astonishing, documented facts revealed in this riveting, groundbreaking book. In Conspiracy of the Six-Pointed Star youll discover eye-opening revelations and forbidden knowledge about Rothschild, Israel, the Jews, and Zionism, and the hidden agenda that propels these evil forces.

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