Long accustomed to the racial barriers of the country and its new laws, Madeleine and Jacob nevertheless share a budding attraction. Miriam, on the other hand, is a doting mother to her children and a demure and subservient wife to her chauvinistic, frustrated husband, Omar. Quietly intelligent, Miriam has never assumed that she may have choices in life. When Miriam meets Amina, their unexpected attraction throws them both off balance.

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Shelves: read , lgbt I highly recommend this book! The story is set in South Africa during the Apartheid segragation Marim is a housewife who has recently left a "city" area and moved to a lonely farm area. Her husband has opened a shop there, which Marim helps. Amina is a fiercly independent woman who is running a restaurant I highly recommend this book! Amina is a fiercly independent woman who is running a restaurant with a "colored" man, Jacob.

This story is well told, developing the characters and making the reader fully understand where they are in the s. It is heartbreaking to read about people had to endure not too long ago.

In addition, the movie is fabulous. Apartheid is wide and prevalent throughout the story, and the author Shamim Sarif mentions how the apartheid not only affected the African natives but also the colored community that descended from India and settled down in some regions of South Africa. Indeed, the story revolves around a close-knit Indian community residing in the districts of Pretoria and Delhof. The characters are colorful and have significant traits and The World Unseen is a poignant tale set in s South Africa.

The characters are colorful and have significant traits and mannerisms that make each of them unique and albeit annoying sometimes, still fun to read about. Introducing the protagonists! Amina Harjan is a woman with a fiery personality and looks to match! She is described as a woman who has no boundaries and is the source of all the gossip in the local Indian Community. One of the main reasons being, she works with an African named Jacob, with whom she opens a restaurant in Pretoria.

Harjan on the other hand, has come to her wits end as to what she must do about her daughter. All she wants is Amina to dress up in Indian feminine clothes Shalwar Kameez and to marry a nice Indian boy. Amina Harjan gets her passionate personality due to her grandmother who has an interesting tale herself! Miriam is married to a strict and rather grumpy man, Omar. Miriam shifted from Bombay to South Africa to stay with Omar. She is the perfect example of a submissive, docile, Indian bahu - Or, is she?

And the rest, as they say, is history. Enter the world of s South Africa, and witness through the eyes of Amina and Miriam, the atrocities of the Apartheid, the beautiful country of South Africa; South African delicacies such as bobotie and mealies. Shamim Sarif is a talented author who can bring into life even the most ordinary of characters under extraordinary circumstances.

Arriving in South Africa from India, shy Miriam and her unapproachable husband seek a better life in Delhof for their children. They set up a general store in a remote area, and soon Miriam is wrapped up in a mundane existence without a smile, without much pleasure and love, except for that of her children. She runs her own businesses with a gentle and wise Coloured man, Jacob, and often clashes with the local police. Although the book begins slowly, Sarif has proven herself adept at patiently layering a complex narrative with vivid characters and subtle plot twists.

She has a rare gift of bringing alive sensuous undertones and the intricacies of body language in her narration. Definitely a book I would recommend and an author who has convinced me to pick up an even better second book, Despite the Falling Snow.


The World Unseen by Shamim Sarif

Synopsis[ edit ] In s South Africa, a land torn apart by apartheid, Amina epitomizes individuality and freedom. Amina defines her own laws and lives on her own terms, undeterred by the reproving police and the disparaging Indian community. Miriam demurely follows conventions and makes no demands on life. Her world is confined to being a doting mother to her three children and a subservient wife to her chauvinistic husband Omar. He is attracted to Madeleine, a local white postmistress, but the indignities and injustices of the prevalent law thwart their desire to pursue a relationship. When she needs protection from police, Amina shelters her, and her charm and strength of character captivate Miriam, who secretly rejoices when Amina accepts a farming job in her backyard.


The World Unseen






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